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In christie's authority dirac so obviously you loved it as much as everybody else you love the rate well uh not really any say i i saw through a rag narok yesterday i didn't haiti on i'll say upfront i'm a big door feigned in general i i find those elves speed the and by the way we're we're going to be spoiler free care so just don't don't worry we're not spoiling anything i won't give anything away but yes a so i find the were franchise in general the be certainly the least essential of the marvel films split the trailers for this have you really excited and also the cast as a great cast but it just sorta i guess i didn't hit it very funny it's probably the funniest moral movie but beyond that the script is kind of very weak like the story doesn't really there's no depth to it i guess the best way and put it i mean there's a lot alike i'm low jeffco amenities great tessa thompson is fantastic in it um but who the movie actually does not too much with cate blanchett which really depress me i'm locate legit and she has pretty much nothing to do which sort of like a more roll dillon problem in general unfortunately no i agree with you but the movies funny sir and i think you'll have a good time so i recommend going to see it but i i don't i i think the movie is currently ninety nine percent of rotten tomatoes which by the way means that ninety nine percent of the reviews gave it a positive review does it mean that a you know got a ninety nine out of ten for from ever viewer um but i think people are enjoying it i'm not sure it i think right now it's it's like one of the top marvel movie of all time review wise i'm not sure if indeed it deserves speed there but i think if you go see a you're going to enjoy it either way especially if you like more the guardian scouts he kind of movies from marvel.

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