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And the california wildfires fire is deputy incident commander in napa berry bearman warns there is still very dry conditions and yet we went out of red flag warning for the low humidity is in high winds this morning at eight o'clock at expired that's great news we've been red flag warnings and has valley for four outta six days so are relieved on the line to hear that that weather has taken a turn for the better progress is being made here now that the wind has calmed firefighters you're working to fully contain the fires in nearby napa county supervisor body irama o'shares finely it seems like the worst is behind that we've got a long road ahead of us bites that day that we had hoped to com why don't we played our we are here and now word this area could get rain by thursday alex stone abc news santa rosa california president trump wants diplomacy with north korea to work says secretary of state rex tillerson me is made it clear to me to continue by diplomatic efforts which we are we will can often hold others all diplomatic efforts for continued until the first bomb dropped tillerson on cnn's state of the union on this week us ambassador to the un nikki haley says iran has not breach the 2015 nuclear deal but she also says there are other dangers posed by iran that are not in compliance iran's not right now saying death to germany they're saying death to america and i think that you have to look at the fact that this is not talking about the deal this is talk not us law on the same programme the house democratic leader nancy pelosi says president trump went roanoke with his decision on decertifying the iran nuclear deal stephanie ramos abc news washington nato forces in afghanistan and say that the afghan national police stored thwarted a potentially major attack there late last night when they detained a suspicious truck turned out to contain a lot of parts for a homemade bomb and rockets nato's has three men were subdued and detained you're listening to abc news.

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