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A guy name joe. Hope shafat was in charge of bookkeeping zadok and abby dr david's top priest an ira was dated personal priests mystery woman. Yes so we end chatter twenty and we fade to black and some fun. Bible facts rabbis debate. Whether it was proper under jewish law to give up sheba in order to save the city from jobs army rabbi simeon bar you chai said giving up sheba is forbidden and rabbi judah bar ally said the wise woman acted properly because joab had the city surrounded. This story served as the source for the subsequent halack halack discussion whether it is permissible for a group or community to save itself by sacrificing an individual sacrifice one in order to save the group. Yeah wow so the lesson. Is you big mouth. There'll be a bad ass loud big mouth thinking you're all that if you are going to have a big mouth or they're gonna come for you young so next time we'll hear more about giants getting murdered and of course more war and hear about a family getting impaled man you beat new tests and play back a flickers samuel chapter twenty. She was talking too much and david told him to take care of a long to do it for joab killed Abishai now some old lady gave the head of.

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