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Very very odd really well. There's a natural anti seattle quality about the whole place all about the spectator and Yeah it will. It will feel strange though. The racing is very very good and for television audience. It'll it'll probably feel like hey well we're going to we're gonna take the feed and highlight some of the biggest events This week it's become one of our favorites too. And nick as always appreciate the opportunity to kick off cheltenham week with you. Yeah our nick luck. Everybody and not to be missed. And if you're not following. Nick rock on twitter i. I'd be very very surprised. And if you aren't go ahead and make sure you follow and nick scott is Monday through friday. You know typically about an hour a podcast and hitting all the ripped from today's headlines kind of coverage and certainly all week gentlemen. We'll talk after kenny. Mcpeek joins us can't wait. Oh bs and after kenny. We'll talk a little bit more and we'll get some tuesday wednesday Plays from the longshot. Latte himself cab humphry. Somebody else was going to be missing. Although he's you know he's living in singapore so it's not like it used to be for him Travel into the cheltenham. But we'll get kevin humphreys pushes for the first two days of them In a little bit after kenny mcpeek joins us and he joins us now candy. Congratulations swiss skydiver comes back And really kicks off the year in style. Yeah she some kind of special you know Real fortunate to be around in philly like that we've been having a fund with. You could tell you mike Bike welsh with each of her increasingly. Intense works you were. You were kind of battening down the hatch and you know you put her on a plane. It doesn't matter where you go with her. And you know this opportunity to kick off the year in a great one Pretty irresistible talk about What's gone on since november since the breeders cup little bit of a disappointment after the bad start but clearly that's You know one you put a line through you know. That was a little reluctant to start her out in the great one but she needed run against phillies and mayor. She's obviously out of conditions and There weren't any austin's in south florida and fortunately or we probably would have stayed there but.

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