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Welcome to the show, friends and neighbors. Thanks for tuning in. We have to developments that we'd like to tell you about that occurred outside of the studio, only one of which is ten generally related to today's episode of I is that it is my trustee co co-hosts knoll Brown's birthday today. I was running in place birthday resolution with my new Dita's track shoes, right? Yeah. So happy birthday, Noelle. I'm Ben, let's say Hello to our super producer, Casey peg room. And the second development which is, I guess, at best tangentially related days episode is that for the first time in years, either a pair of tennis shoes. You sure did. And Ben thank you for the birthday wishes. I was the endorphins were flowing through me so much. I didn't even respond politely, and I do apologize. Let's talk about your shoes user Tigers, though. Right. Right. Right. Lions and Tigers and bears 'Pumas and data. Yes. Yes. That is the ten general relationship today. So one of the most well known popular tennis shoe brands is Nike today. Right. Very true. Very, very true. Just do it, but other brands are still in the international sphere and very, very well known like Adidas Puma 's Ness. Right. And we can spoil his part of the story in advance Nike kind of blew up as a result of Dita's in Koumas kind of being distracted with sort of the topic of today's episode and not. Really paying attention to this impending shoe Magadan that Nike brought on. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Because have you ever owned a pair of Adidas Puma shoe? I haven't Adidas hoodie that. I'm quite fond of and I think I've owned a Puma a pair of hummus, you don't think I've ever owned Adidas shoes, but fan of. Hoodies I think I've only owned a tracksuit from a who's a different life. I could never I could not track. It was it was for a show. It was unreleased s fair, but I haven't owned the shoes either which is not super unusual for us because neither of us are specially sneaker heads as they're called. But, but they are very, very popular shoes. And they have a very strange story behind them. I guess to start off today. We should go ahead and just be up front about the pronunciation of name of this town. We'd have a pronunciation off and then. We can check for vo- and see who's closest so you're using four vote. Right. Is that your go-to pronunciation guide of choice is because it's crowd sourced and it's usually from natives. So I find it to be pretty reliable. And if they're if the word isn't there, then I just, you know, roll the dice. But this one, in fact, was there. So let's how about we spell it? I everyone knows we're coming from its. H. E. R. Z. O. G E in, you are a C H. So let's see. Would that be hers, hers? Okada. Well, then I may have told you that in a past life, I was once a young German, boy, that's true defer to your pronunciation. So I'm gonna give it a go with the help of four vote. And then I'll check check myself head SOGA now Hetzel now. Ha. Close close over pronounced the gen again. So they're more like hexagonal. Yes. He and kind of like just this guy. Right. So this is all let's call it. What do we say Ben heart so have? So that's what the locals call it. That's all it's to be so hard. So it has a storied sneaker past, yes. Yes. Our story begins with the dos ler brothers Rudolph and Adolf, but Rudy in eight Audie to their friends right into us and to us for the purposes of this so ATI is the younger brother. He's a cobbler. He's an inventor. He's a bit of an entrepreneur, his favorite thing in the world is to sit at his workbench and tinker. And he starts making shoes, so I thought I thought Schumaker was a cobbler was the tinkerer is a tinker is a thing to tinker. Taylor soldier spine movie. What's so you could tinker with things? But the old profession is someone who travels from place to place mending things like pots and pans, right? So he is a tinker and a cobbler sees a tinkerer. Yeah. So he's a tinkering cobbler and he's cobbling at his tinker bench. And what does he make Ben? There's a little bit more of a story here too. Was after World War One things were pretty dire. In Germany, Bavaria where haired, so is located and his the, the brothers mother had had a laundry business. Right. That was no longer operational. And so that's where ATI set up his shop. He was eighteen years old when he returned from World War. One in nineteen eighteen in hairs was in northern Bavaria, oddly enough to shoemaking was the biggest industry in the area at the time. So it was a natural fit for him to go into this empty laundry, shed and begin making shoes. Right. There's a great great article that we're going to pull some good stuff from, from vice sports by Brian Blick and staff that sort of mentions the idea that even in those kind of salad days post World War, One when folks are returning back home and things were kind of a little bit getting by. Or by crook might not have to buy the nicest clothes, but you had to have functional shoes. Right. You get you gotta have shoes. And there's, there's a excellent article depicting his experience, making his first pair of shoes over on today found out, folks. You may notice. We're avoiding giving you the headlines of these articles right now. That's because we don't want to spoil things straight from the gate. So he makes his first shoes for just for his friends. But these shoes that he creates are made out of leather scraps salvaged from helmets and wartime uniforms, and other gear like Mad Max shoes. Yeah. That's a good description and turns out people really liked Audie shoes. His reputation spread far beyond hairs. Oh, and pretty soon he had one of the best problems, you can have when you start your own business. He have more work than he could handle it took him about three years to get to that point. And that's when he. He enlisted the help of his brother Rudy, who was a little bit more of a business minded kind of guy, a bit of a brash, kind of salesman type dude, and you really needed that because Audie was sort of the brains behind the product and Rudy came in and became the power behind the throne, the kind of guy that pushed the product out into the marketplace bit nineteen Twenty-three Rudy joins, and we must emphasize, just how different these two guys are Audie. Sounds to me like an introvert and Rudy. Definitely seems like the extrovert and this, this worked in the beginning this was a fantastic partnership. I mean they had already grown up together. So they knew what to expect, and they worked pretty well in the early days, and in nineteen twenty four things were going well enough that they said, you know what? Let's make it official, bro. Let's thirty company. Yeah, they're called the dos ler broS or kgab. Rueda dot. Slur the dossier brothers shoe company, and they continue growing. So I believe it's nineteen twenty six they say, okay, this laundry, shed operation isn't cutting it. We need actual factor. Right. Oh, we mentioned before we get too far into the story after world. War, one Rudy had decided he wanted to become a policeman any actually trained for it like, Gestapo, type policemen interesting that you would mention that part that is going to come into play later, because, yes, this is Germany in the mid nineteen twenties at this time, I guess. Yes. So where where should we go next? We're, we're still in. Oh, right. We are gonna mainly stay there. Yeah. Yeah. Toward the end we might expand a little. But yes, this is a Harrah's story through through. Do you wanna talk a little bit about what the shoes look like and how they differ from modern shoes? I think we really should there is a really cool blog post on a site called design boom called history of Adidas Audie dos lers I track and field shoes. And it goes through a chronology of these designs of between the twenties and the thirties the very first shoe called the Modell vite, sir from nineteen twenty eight was a sprint shoe, and it was actually warn at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam of that year. And it looks almost like a rudimentary kind of very stark ballet shoe mixed with, like a bowling shoe. But it's very, very steeply angled from the he'll to where the ball of the foot might be. And then it flattens out. And then has these cleats these six. Announced they almost like crocodile teeth looking cleats Luton. And this was kind of a revolutionary design because according to this blog, it was the first you to use a screw system in athletics, which were six Handmaid's, spikes that were cut pressed through these holes were punched in the out sole of the shoe, and then we're screwed in using us steel disk that 'attaches from the out sole the outside of the shoes, and there was some positives here and that it gave runners traction that they had lacked in the past, but it also they were a little bit heavy because there were a lot of weighty metal parts. Right. And they were not manufacturing the actual spikes themselves. They did have help from a blacksmith operation, but the, the rest of it source material in assembling. That's, that's all dos ler and it's true. This stuff is revolutionary people are loving it. We do. Do need to mention that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party come to power in what route thirty three nineteen thirty three. And when this happens both of the dos brothers, do join the Nazi party much true. They have been described to their credit, I guess, as not being V, most adamant Nazis make us. They were sort of low key Nazis. Yeah. They were. They were not. I guess they were Fairweather Nazi. Yeah, it seemed like they were just doing it because they were fitting in maybe. Yeah. Huge probably a huge problem with the whole Nazi plague general. I was just following orders. I was just trying to fit in. That's not a discussion for today's episode. All the while they they're blending into the background while making these shoes. And it kind of comes to a head when one of their designs gets worn by a very famous, African American sprinter by the name of James Cleveland, Owens, aka Jesse Owens, who wore these shoes, a very specific sporting event that we talked about in episodes past. Yes, we're referring to the thirty six summer Olympics, which were held in Berlin. If you've checked out our earlier episode than you notice that Jesse Owens is a returning guest to our show. Just yo ins was a track and field star and given that the dos brothers were already benefiting from the Nazi party's use of sports as a propaganda tool. They saw the summer Olympics, as an opportunity to go into the inter. National's fear, and get recognition outside of hairs. Oh, and outside of Germany..

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