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That ends up creating a damper on your ability to sustain interest in a product that requires three years of continual investment. What does the demise of the xfl mean for the future of alternate football leagues in the country idea? We mean nothing but I. I don't think that that's kind of the way the world works. I think that even knowing that the xfl was most likely done under by something well outside of its control pandemic people will see. Hey these two leagues year after year the AFL started couldn't finish their season and then folded as a result. I broadcast partner. I'm not comfortable. Bumping shows off of my primetime slots in order to feature and sign a contract with the team or a league. That is not going to be able to fulfill its obligations So I think it's GonNa make broadcast partners more wary. I think it's GonNa make it very difficult. For investors to invest in fund. The capital needed to start a sports league even though I think the fundamentals of the NFL we'll probably find. It's much easier to kind of see the result and say. I don't WanNa do that than it is to try and project the potential and say I want to take that risk again round. Thank you so much for joining us. Arief hopefully this doesn't signal the end of Alternate Football Leagues in the future. Have thanks for having me and and I really hope it doesn't because I am such for this stuff you can read a Reefa San's coverage of the Minnesota Vikings and his past coverage of the xfl at the athletic dot com. Here are some other stories. We're following at the lead in a sentence. I never imagined I would ever say NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell will announce all of the first round picks for the upcoming NFL draft from his basement. That's according to Peter King of NBC sports. It has long been believed that goodell might announce draft picks from his home. But the fact that he'll be broadcasting from a man cave in his Bronxville New York home is a new revelation the NFL draft is set to take place virtually from April twenty third to April twenty fifth former WNBA player. Tomorrow more has been hired to coach the men's basketball team at Mesaba Range College in Minnesota. In taking over as head coach at the junior college more becomes the only woman head coach of a men's College Basketball Team. Moore who played six seasons the WNBA and last appeared in the League in two thousand seven will also be the head coach for the women's softball team atmosphere range and finally Edmonton oilers center. Kobe cave died over the weekend at age. Twenty five cave had been in a medically induced coma since Tuesday his wife. Emily announcing his passing on Saturday morning and thinking everyone further prayers and support through this difficult time cave undergone emergency surgery last week after suffering a brain bleed the oilers issued a statement saying quote on behalf of the Edmonton oilers hockey club and the Bakersfield condors. We want to express our deepest condolences to the family and friends after the passing of our teammate. Kobe cave earlier this morning. Kobe was a terrific teammate. With great character admired and liked everywhere he played our thoughts and prayers. Go out to his wife. Emily is family and friends at this very difficult time. That's it for today. Thanks for listening as always. Please remember to give us a five star rating and tell your friends to check this out from wondering on the athletic. I'm Cathy Davidson. And I'm under SCELZO. See You tomorrow..

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