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I really love that question. I put a lot of thought. And i've done a lab speaking. I like to do. And i'm trying to move into more Speaking engagements Both alone and my husband were trying to do like workshops and stuff like that so we have talked a lot about managing times of uncertainty disappointment and like practically what that looks like to you. Know like not like pithy like Yeah like you said. Feel good kinda responses but like actually like really leaning into those times and so i created actually a website last all i think it was called running with art in that was sort of like the thrust behind it was like i have experienced a lot of highs in like a lot of highs and lows equally in the sport and It really is the like just being a student of like really being you like. I think there's sometimes this understanding or this hope that by virtue of going through something hard. You emerge stronger. And i don't actually think that's true. Like i in my experience if i muscle my way through it like i do like kind of athlete. Mentality is to like grit our teeth and cross train three hours a day. Like not everybody but like that's always a temptation for me. I don't do that but like it is. That's i just want more control i'm just grasping for control when things out of control and so i think instead just instant like muscling your way through it you. You literally like respond. I have almost like wanna read this to you Because i've like i've thought about it In written out and it took me so long to write out a mission statement. Okay it's not locked in so Maybe we can't do that right now. But i don't know i know right. 'cause you guys leave that again we do. Yeah to not just muscle your way through it but like really like yield to it and say like how like ask ask like ask questions through that time and Lean in and not feel like resentful. I mean it's really hard to do but like get excited saying like. I'm i can't wait to see like what i'm what this is going to produce a may that i didn't have before and i think you just not that process doesn't get easier but you do get better at it with practice. And so. I like every single time every time i get a nickel hurt like i i get upset like human. You know But the gap is starting to close between the occurrence of something hard and my yielding to it like. It's starting to close like usually it's like you know early in my career like it would be a couple weeks before i wasn't like upset about it but now it's like okay like i had seen god works through these times in use these times so richly before like i anticipate. I am eager for how he's going to do it again. And you don't have to be a person of faith to have that type of response So yeah i maybe we can attach in the show notes. Like the little like thing that i've written about some so we'll do that but Yeah it's it's really hard. Like i always empathized when i feel bad almost when i'm telling this to athletes because like it doesn't feel good. There's never a time where it's not easy to do that. But like i think when you the more you experience it the easier it is to Have a spirit of anticipation about how it's gonna end like. This is great adventure. That i'm on you know. It's really disturb re frame. I mean i so appreciate you sharing that. I think it's been so good to see the conversation expanded around athletes and their mental health. I mean we saw more than ever on this year's games everyone from simone biles talking about mental health. And just more than that. You're humans you're more than just people who are programmed to perform at the highest level and that we're talking about the pressure of it all that even I don't know if you saw yesterday. Sydney mclaughlin did or shared a really powerful post on instagram. A video of her that You know it was a whole different side of sydney that we hadn't seen and i think that You know whether the walls are sort of coming down a bit or maybe people are having more compassionate athletes being more honest. It's just all of this. I think adds up to change and change for everyone change for the people watching but more broadly changed for the athletes themselves to just really tap into the full mind and body of it all like your goals that we talked about right from the top. It's not just be fast run fast like it's so much more than that in actually thought it. You shared that posts recently about your conversation. With alexi pappas which uk dartmouth. Yeah new hampshire did not go to dartmouth. Let's clarify but jay new hampshire. So i screen shot at and i do this thing where i screen shot things i like being like. I'm going to go back to that. And instead i just have like fourteen thousand screen shots that have never looked at again. And so funny i was like i will have this one readily available and your takeaway from your conversation with alexi was trusting. The process requires both commitment and surrender. And i think this is something that the everyday runner can relate to Perhaps as much as the professional runner. I'd be curious if you could share a little bit about kind of where that came from and what that means right now. Oh my gosh. We had such a rich conversation in. I can't even imagine you and election having a conversation that i would just sit there and be like this is like this is too good. I can't handle it like the two of you in a room together is that's too much it's too good. It's so funny because we can go like super deep super vast an irish very like silly and she's just wonderful so yeah. I was thrilled. That i got this year l. a. I raised there a few weeks ago and we were just sharing like we're we were at in what we're learning in our like athlete life experiences and Yeah just a similar theme came up of i. I guess i was sharing something about like. You know getting hurt or hurt but like getting that hamstring strain rate before trials in that being like a really good thing that happened to me in the long run because it it required to like. Just die to my control and expectations And she was saying similar thing about you know being. She was on a creative project and she wasn't able to do her normal training and so she like she just changed her mind set about it she was like this is how it like. I'm instead of feeling resentful or bitter or worry. Like i'm just going to reframe this and surrender. What i think i need to do. And she was just saying how surprise she was at how okay. She felt although her training wasn't perfect. And so yeah. There was this theme that like it. It's good you need to be Pursuing a goal obviously requires this like relentless almost stubborn commitment. Like to keep showing up. But at the same time you have to have a loose grip on how that goes you know like not only the result but also the process like i. I just love when athletes your stories of like different routes that they take to be successful. Some people don't not everyone runs ninety miles a week. You know In so that it just celebrates this idea that like.

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