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Best of all these and other exciting events in Howard county, Maryland fee open for it. Higher. Chris Johnson handling the needier logical work this afternoon for wwl, live beyond here, bro and sunny and perfect right now is the way we make this the way you wanna roll into a weekend. How about the end of this work? We I mean it's, it's folks that were one thing that summer weather you go, we're, we're close to ninety right now and we're gonna see temperatures just as warm as today. It's not a little warmer for your Saturday, four tonight, though, looks really good. Calm conditions went out temperatures are mild. We're talking right around seventy degrees for those overnight. Low, so very mild night. We get into your Saturday. Things are heating up. Once again, we'll see mostly sunny skies for small small chance for shower that might try to go most of us on drive side. Otherwise, breezy, and it's very warm topping out at ninety degrees tomorrow afternoon before we track in those rainstorm, chances for your Sunday right now here in, we'll mostly sunny. It's warm out there. Temperature eighty nine degrees. Credit. Callers. A day. Motors finance it all the way. You already know Easterns automotive group has thousands of the highest quality vehicles to choose from, you know, every vehicle has been rigorously inspected. And it's backed by seven day return policy, but have you seen how eastern continues to step it up in our community? They pay it forward on FOX five DC and find a road to a better community on CBS ninety so you can feel good about the company. You're doing business with visit eastern dot com slash community today to nominate someone in our community or check out what they're.

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