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Drafted as a production of shreveport media klutch sports group and iheartradio with the first pick in the two thousand and twenty nba draft. The minnesota timberwolves select. Imagine this. you've been playing basketball since you were little dreaming of going pro. Then it happens life. Is you know it changes with one phone call. Thank you won't be regret this keegan. Michael key and welcome to draft it in our first season of the podcast. We followed eight football players. Do the twenty twenty nfl draft in this second season we follow to college. Basketball phillips explosive. Anthony edwards who start at the university of georgia and the university of kentucky's reese maxi arguably the hardest working player in the draft. Now i was getting up at six. Am man working out with poor practice before ways before class. Don't doing the core. Classroom is still hard. Anthony entire east will mike themselves up until their own stories giving us a raw honest look at what it takes to go from childhood dreaver to college star to being chosen as one of only four hundred fifty nba players in the world. But also maybe it'd be a stands for no boys allowed my feel like any person any human being has been through what i've been to. You can't do nothing. He's always the chip on his shoulder. I think you need those things to be a great player. I just really. This is their real life as it unfolds in real time and we'll go further behind the scenes in this season of the podcast with unprecedented access to their agents. Klutch sports group founder and ceo. Paul having dragged was on what you here and their of basketball omar wilkes draft before. It's all a game of chess. There's always been a mystique to draft but undrafted relive every detail from the players perspective before during and after one of the biggest days of these athletes lives draft going to get drafted tonight. We still listen and follow drafted right now on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts..

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