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Australian senator pauline hanson does not like the burqa not that she wears one usually but today the leader of the rightwing one nation party showed up to the senate chamber dressed from head to toe in the black garment she then proceeded to dramatically pull it off proclaiming that the burqa should be banned quote in light of what is happening with national security unquote australian attorney general george brandis had something disabled that and it seems he made dislike ms hanson's choice of clothing even more than cheetah's said a handsome no we will not be born in the third now set at a handsome i am not going to pretend to ignore the stumped that you have tried to pull today by arriving in the chamber dressed in a book when we all know that eu you are not an adherent of the islamic faith and i want caution u and council you senator henson with respect to be very very careful all the face you might do to the religious sensibilities of other astray hata about half a million australians in this country of the islamic faith now senator hanson for the last four years i have had responsibility preeminently among the ministers subject to the prime minister for national security policy at i can tell you said at a handsome but it has been the advice of age directorgeneral of security and each commissioner of the australian federal police that that is vital.

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