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What is your mind when you think of the last not only was the tallest mountains in the world cuts through the clouds maybe your folks on the cruise Soloway perhaps read those Jack London feature stories in high school call of the wild deadliest catch did you ever want to see Russia from your house C. it's still every while playing America's last frontier right now we know that frontier was built I talked to someone else today on Snapchat we're going to a place where taxpaying Americans they don't have paved roads don't have running water times nine one one is not thank for calling it watching over mountain village morning it is cold outside from Washington time to put on your coat over your coat because of this Snapchat he began by leading one of the people could find at the edge of the world no today's story is all kinds of real life I think strong language in a possible sign in violence since of listeners please be advised where to reset consulates has a story just close calls will probably forever haunt me all this over calls but we've all kinds of weapons like if there's at that exact moment they're sober enough to take their own life than their sober enough people in danger yours at the same time police department fifty hi really let them understand deeply that you care for them and that their value as a human I'm in mountain village you big town of eight hundred and sixty four people it's at the edge of a wide river in the far west of Alaska hundreds of miles away from anchorage and right now and the bill is pretty much the only person policing she's a village police officer and last night she responded to thirty nine calls in about four hours just now we were having dinner and his dad's house when she got a call about a fight so we're careening across town with a paper plate of green beans for the rest of and it's only starting she's chain smoking right now anesthetic to follow her around for a night if I bought her and all the condo and an extra large pizza neither of which are easy to get here sometimes I would wonder is this state is the star last time back prior to my house to see my kids ana how do you prepare for a call like that for a and I was born in mountain village the village is off the road system it's only connected to the outside world by this airstrip at the top of a hill a little Cessna plane brings people balk orders of.

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