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Yeah, yeah. Jerry walks. Haven't been there when expedient mass tourism's for me, it was just that's what he was say remains now. Let's. I can imagine, but I'm also imagining when you there, it was quite untouched. What were your impressions travelling in that country? And also there's some of the most beautiful things to see there, whether the temples of begun or the Shwedagon pagoda. What were your impressions travelling to Burma impressionist? It was. It was so both difference, Todd at softball, different to even rile nam. That was, you know, very communist failed to have the nose career field to to to degrade cable. Very humble people were very wary. They wasn't as a as you know, restrictiveness of career. I've in fail and Deny deny. distant as well. You didn't really pros. I had his lunch. People could travel to buy. It was films which of the bridge of the River Kwai, etc. So I'm touch. I think people there ninety seven on you'd be surprised. I guess it would be. Yeah. Seventies. So I think it was there was obstacles there remember postals BMN so it was it was huge. To get into what is now? Yeah, it was. It was a special smear too. Must've been pretty fantastic. In Stephen, Steve, you mentioned that you had a awakening so to speak. So you're pretty while traveled guy already this age between your road trip to Europe and the time that you spent in South Asia South East Asian Australia. But you also said, this is the time where you thought it was possible or conceivable to travel to every country in the world. We'll some of didn't have on this particular trip. Something ball never happened to may to this cow. We started eating for my friends women to the poll them way. I think we tied in Todd and it was a couple of days before Christmas. We starting in one of the cheapest pricing Copan Yang. And I mean, that was when it was ninety eight, a very, very travel that I'm not trying to now. And we met a group of guys and those travelling gabbing Wesley. And and by traveling and four bucks traveling. And we ended up on the beach and we didn't leave each other for eighteen months bowl remarkably than that. Basically works out while we were able to people that are entitled move on the drinks, emotion, gain, high, the mice, and. Right office travel. Again, wind up traveling, Malaysia, Indonesia, together. We catch them picking on the y. A more people we mining bucks in Singapore in contact. Now, calling lychees for on the funniest minimum ever met, and he ended up joining us as well. He was. Inspiration and somebody somebody son. Ali, and so like coffee the word now, but just amazing around and we surmount twenty traveled to get twenty minutes, went up to twenty five by the it was a believable, infecting the summertime, different buses in different boats, but it was for about three months, twenty five..

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