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The today show is a little combination of some of the most impactful guests that we've had on the show today eight each sharing new tips that we didn't necessarily cover their first time on the show and before we go into who these brilliant guests are and what they'll be sharing today i want to get a quick shot out to my woman miss amy porterfield from on my marketing made easy podcast amy recently celebrated two hundred episodes hello and for her two hundred she pulled together something really cool and i was lucky enough to be a guest on that show she had a handful of gas comeback on the podcast to answer a question i loved the aspect of calling back former guests and letting them kinda give their unique answer to a question pertaining to her show so with that as my inspiration for my own one hundred episode i can't be more happy with how this turned out so amy thanks as always for motivating me and inspiring me congrats again on your two hundred episode now for our own spin on today's show i wanted to ask the guests who are coming back not one but two questions each guest is so talented and creative i wanted them to shed light on their success as much as possible and i know you guys love technical tips that can be applied today so with that in mind i i asked these guests what was your biggest lesson to growing an impactful and influential business then i also ask them to share one tip or focus in twenty eighteen for improving their platform in serving their community let's just say each guest delivers with amazing feedback that can impact your influence immediately if you don't have a note pet out i suggest getting one are be ready to screen shot areas of the show to come back to later as for the guests while not on purpose we have a fully female lineup for you all today so who are these fab lady sharing inside i'm about to tell you we're starting things off with the one and only puno.

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