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You can always you Consejo us you can. You can email us and say hi if you want we have welcomed a dead cast Jima Dot Com. Just say hi. Yeah we'd love to be your best friend success and you can find me meese. This is Daniel. You can find me on Instagram as Daniel X.. Montgomery and on twitter as Dana Montgomery. My instagram is Matthew Underscore Scott Underscore Montgomery gumri also Oscar. You guys have heard on here before he and I are deeply stupid. Hilarious web series called West. Hollywood that instagram's west high with the series and then literally literally constantly performing if you live in La on stage all the time singing doing ridiculous tasks. We're always doing something. It's always on the insteps. Yes Dhaka's please got best friend so sad anymore. Take us in our. Thanks for having US thank. Thank you for having urged for having us for coming on having a Moose next time on teen creed got with you guys. Next time on. Just go up at the top of the stairs and hold this cave. I just want to go for a bike. Ride ten speed. Thank you all so much for listening. We really really. I appreciate it if you want to help our show. You can leave us. A Happy Review on Apple podcasts. You can tell the friend enemy. Tell a family member about our show. You can in a monetary way help us. Keep the lights on Patriot dot com slash teen creeps. We've got a ton of really fun and cool. Stuffs stuffs for you at all different levels Speaking of cheer levels at our level you are a petri on producer that means that you are various special producer. You get all the wonderful things that everyone else gets. Plus we name check you at the end of the episode as we are about to do right now. So thank you to our current patriarch producers. Ashley Fritz Claire More Danny Emily Pooling Julian Hannah's Karen Lewis Kelly Burns earns Kristalina Landry Desmond. Mandalay wash ladder Mike. A Yunus Michael Michael Camacho Molly marks Rochow Hula. Sarah Jagger's Stachel Gibson. Didn't he bolinger joy back and Wendy Bartos. Thank y'all so so so much. Really appreciate it and thank you to all of our patrons we really appreciate yes Next Next Episode Silent Knight to happen so excited were foreperson podcast. You better start reading tomorrow. Tomorrow we're ready. They play ashamed channel. If you want to follow our show at ten creeps pod on everything Yup I think that's all the Biz. Yeah did you say the part about set your settings settings to download automatically do that guys. Yeah that helps. That's that's it that's it. What a wild ride gun yourself? So welcome so thank thank you so much during Christmas Christmas with what. You're going to be this Chris. Yeah what are you gonNA. Yeah so creepy Christmas pick. This has been a forever dog production executive produced by Brett Bom Joselito Silio and Alex Ramsey. For more original podcasts. Please visit forever dog podcasts. Dot Com subscribe to our shows on Apple podcasts..

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