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Body may seventh early hour twelve forty five and Mr George well news for Major League Baseball the NFL and the NBA on Wednesday Major League Baseball planning to present the Players Association when they return to play proposal that will include with the season will look like starting with spring training two point oh in may June and the regular season in July with the hopes of playing about a hundred games in everyone's own ball park new nationals first baseman Eric Ames pretty confident there will be a season yeah I am very very optimistic and I'm checking the news every morning and it seemed like more more subs opening up gradually and that's that's optimistic for me because I want to start getting more people get outside okay let me keep the numbers down in terms of like you know cases and all that but all of us are ready all the players and we all know what's going to happen eventually went out first we're all terrified that the whole year because cancel NFL schedule set to come out on Thursday on Wednesday Roger Goodell sent a memo to all thirty two teams laying out protocols for the gradual reopening of team facilities that have been closed since March anyone says protocols in place by may fifteenth a process that would begin with select staff members and eventually expand to include players according to the memo as far as the schedule is concerned the first four weeks teams reportedly going to play a non conference opponents AFC verse NFC for the Redskins that means the AFC north we'll find out soon enough the NBA has it all players call set for Thursday as well George Wallace the retail supports anything Sturgill as always welcome in this Thursday morning twelve forty seven on WTOP.

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