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All even got snaps out. I think I speak for most of the people in this room when I say we look at you and think wow. This woman is fearless fearless. So tell me about the last time you were afraid I think right now I am afraid for our world world. I mean when we think of global warming and What's happening to our country into our world When again putting and the promise of humanity might see when people think of drilling in the Arctic because there's oil under the ice and when they do that it's is going to greet more global warming is going to make more methane and the plan is going to get hotter? It comes back to the electoral process about electing people. They're going to make sure that we can change. And I don't really know a lot about the green new deal. I know we've heard mentioned but I think part of the green new deal is putting in some dates out there. When can we get away from using fossil fuel for energy? We've already got the technology so again. It's a matter of will. It's a matter ladder of not just thinking about problems. But what can we do to save our planet. And that's when you asked me you know why don't I retire. I can't because we've got to to get the word out there. The people that they've got to get involved when you talk about the electoral process it brings to mind. Alexandra Cossio Cortez. Who is certainly one of the most is prominent Latinas if not the most prominent Latina in politics today? Do you see a connection between the work. She is doing and the enthusiasm she she inspires and the work that you have dedicated your life to. Oh absolutely because I think she got elected by doing a grassroots campaign in not going going to wealthy donors. And that's what we have to do. We have to go back to grassroots. I may not agree with her candidacy. I immediately issues sanders. Actually Supporting Camera Harris Okay. Okay because I think it's time for a woman. Okay women to take power. Winning are often taught not to take credit. I think let s are taught that especially it. has there been a time in this work that you have not been given the credit that you deserved. Oh let me count the Times. No I can name so many many times this happened and actually I think. A lot of women We are Kinda the field that we try to take credit for work that we're being conceited. I think the one word that is important for women to really use the word courage Ridge your courage to stand up for ourselves in this. Oh hard pros to do and you know I did the great boycott. I directed the great boycott on the East Coast on the West Coast To make sure that we got the growers to the bargaining table. I negotiated the contract but the day that they took the picture signing signing the contracts which I had just go she hated and I had just done the boycott to get the girls to the table. I wasn't in the picture. Okay why AW. Because I wasn't even in that frame of mind and I was sitting next to Caesar signed signed the contracts and vice president. You didn't Levy said. Do you mind if I sit there and I got up and gave them my chair really. Yes I did that. And so when you see you. Those very historic picture of the contract means sign. I'm not in that picture. Would you say that was a mistake. That was a very bad mistake and I know sometimes and I have to say this to myself often that when we find it hard to take credit for our work that we have to do it on behalf of women everywhere. You're in this artist about being conceited. But we have to do it for other women in the. I think you've seen that to myself because we're so conditioned and socialize is not to take credit or not to put ourselves out there in front you know and I love that saying a women's places where she wants to be a woman's places where she needs to be and I like to say when you see these big pictures of all of these men banking having meetings with this is the g seven or whoever they are and there are no feminists at that table. You can be sure they're gonNA make the wrong decision okay. They'RE GONNA make the wrong decision because they do. Lot have our intuition. They do not have our voices at the table when we talk about why women don't take credit. Part of it is that there is a penalty that women face when they do take credit. which is that we become less likable? I mean probably would have been manifest if you said No. I'm sitting in the seat and you can't have it sorry. Do you care whether or not other people like you. Can you do the the work you do and care about what other people are thinking of you. Well I think it depends who your enemies are you know. I think that something. The Bible says something like that when you're doing a God's work when you're doing justice work can people curse you criticizing. We have to consider it a blessing. Because you know you're doing the right thing so yeah people do say mean things terrible things but that's okay as long as did you have faith in what you're doing is the right thing. You're trying to help others. Then you have to just ignore what people say about you know and just keep doing the work year said than done. You have eleven children I have to. I can barely keep track of them. So that's my first question. which is how do you keep track of eleven children dron and how because I find this so hard as a mother perhaps the single greatest challenge of being a mother which is how I instill in them these values and these principles with which I have lived my life? Well I think to all mothers a Just bring your children along with you. Whatever you do my kids Kinda grew up in the moment and So it's part of the DNA basically they were on marches and and my son Rick my youngest son. He has really good way of saying this. Those of you that see the documentary. Dolores my son says yeah. My mother abandoned us in the parking lot of a store with a bunch of leaflets that we had a pass out and when people would come up and say you'll Connie's go back to Mexico says we we can't we don't have a ride okay so I grew up in the moment and even though my kids grew up really poor I just have to say. They're very resources will. My oldest son is a doctor. My daughter Angela's and oncology nurse My daughter Juanita became a teacher. Might might sending meals and attorney. And he's he's running for office this series for supervisor my daughter at least me right here. She's actually traveling me right right now. And she's working for our foundation so I mean my kids My Son Business Chef now. He's into real estate. Unfortunately unfortunately but anyway I wanted them all to be organizes but of course they all took their own paths. But they have to do but the thing is that. Bring your children with you. In the you're saying that you can teach them. As a legacy of justice you know because when when active and they grow up and go marches and they feel that energy and that power of people working together for a cause. I think that stays with them to live. What price have you paid for dedicating your life to this work well I? I don't think I paid the price I think my children probably paid a price war. Gazillion we weren't able to get mentioned. You my my mother did for US Glenn Up you know having all of these Wonderful Events and I remember being in Washington. DC once and we're going to about Leeann my daughter when he does it to me. I've never been to a badly before I thought. Oh my gosh you know when I grew up you know. We had the sympathy tickets and we were able to see all this wonderful performances and Mike. Kit didn't have of that. I had the piano lessons et dancing lesson the violin lessons. My children didn't have any of that and I think those are the sacrifices not that I made with the Mike is made and so for you. Nothing you really feel like you've not paid a price for this work. I had a very blessed life. I think I've been very very fortunate. And and Thinking of how many people have been able to organize and empower. I mean that means such an incredible gift to be able to do that and and I would hope that all of us can do the same thing there. Okay go out there and Organiz as many people as you can get them involved and take away that apathy here. Here's my last question which ages as you said. This is a moment in which even you the fearless are afraid and I think it can feel like is very dark times. What do you say to yourself in those moments when you have to organize and mobilize yourself? Well I just saying saying to myself we've got to get out there and do more work you know I like to the The Chilean poet Pablo and he said they can cauliflowers. But they can't hold back this spring and so I like to say that we are the gardeners that we have to sell the seats of justice. Don't in those those seeds of justice that we saw so not there. They will flower in. They will come back and but we're the ones that have to give a big round of applause..

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