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The guy in david teesta. That's the man yes. I think it's a little bit of everything right but it's he got up the got. A snyder bats absolutely. And i think everybody you know it looks. I think for most people the trailers and stop it like okay. This is going to be zach matters. Zombie another zack snyder. Zombie movie awesome. Let's and we're all in. And then i think people watched it and you know where where you come down. You know good bad or indifferent that than that kind of went from there. So those are of the good better indifferent art indicative of the debut. Numbers is it just how many households actually watched a portion of the show. And i think it's like i think it's like two minutes so i if if you watch the the the show for two minutes you you're considered you know you watch your viewer. Yeah is on screens kind of thing. The can i have not seen it. I was a big fan of zack. Snyder's donna the dead. I think that would still qualify as being my favorite acts night or movie and but when when the reviews started coming in i'm really big fan of the cast garrett delahunt To taro dave petits name. But i do like dave teesta. I heard that it was overwhelmingly. Zack snyder so i saw the film i there's parts of it. That are good. The overall by overall score be low I didn't think it was a great movie. There's a lot of stupid shit happens in the movie. Although it's pointed out it's only liquors stupid shit happens but i've been like really stupid things that just yeah i in. I heard about like direct to'real choices that were sort of like now cut now cut to the next scene. Okay cut now and it just kept going and going and going and it was to showcase some of the more gruesome aspect is there are there are there are some some scenes that are overly long for no apparent reason other than to be overly long. Look at me. But that's kinda zach ciders things I don't fault too much for that. I think the the the movie would have benefited from him. Not shooting so if he had hired a dp. I think that the movie would have been A little better. i'm not. I'm not a hundred percent on this. But did you end. Phil talk about it over on we did. We didn't get a chance to review it so this is kinda my first time actually reviewing so what do you think. What did you think of it. But i thought like. I said i didn't want overall. It's a thumbs down for me right okay. I don't like you put numbers. But i will. I get like six okay. Five and a half or six. It's right in there for me. there's it's it's it's watchable movie. It's it's not garbage it's just. There's some wishes it happen. We'll put that on the back of the jess not garbage a so it's not garbage but it's look it's his accent or film people are gonna love it..

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