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But it really just focuses on those three and it was it was powerful so it is it already opened on the east coast it opened in the seattle market this week and then it starts to open a little bit wider this is not going to be in theaters for long just because it is a very indie festival style film but the official rating system for the podcast oh yes yes is good bad or ugly so no ratings or no ratings no letter grades no stars nothing just good better ugly basically broken came up completely by yourself absolutely not taking anything nothing had ever googled it nothing came out i think come up for google good that ugly and it was just blank and nothing like literally nothing on google weird google like mur there's literally a picture somebody going so good film is something that you would recommend to somebody about film with something that was not terrible but it would not be the first thing that you jumped to see again an ugly avoid at all costs disobedience the new film by sebastian lelio starring rich mcadams rachel vice allesandro novello absolutely gets a good solid film and especially because it is an genre that is not really my favorite i kind of went into a some trepidation it blew me away the ending and particular last like ten minutes the decisions that it kind of the paths that it went down huge fan of those because yeah it surprise me so yeah those disobedience definitely check it out if it is playing somewhere near you it might not be for a while we live in the age of the internet where i'm sure it's going to become available on the internet true and since it opened something his opening on the west coast markets yeah it will probably be streaming and a couple of months like this is not something where you are going to have to wait until september.

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