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Lisa toes sits high hilltop overlooking the former longa dog region in the south of france it's isolated and therefore sparsely populated throughout the ages. It's been home to as few as fifty people at a time. Maybe a few hundred at its peak. This area of france was ruled by the romans from the second century. Bc until the fifth century ce. From there it was conquered by an early dramatic tribe known as the visigoths. It was during this time that the small village of rental chateau is thought to have been founded and for the first thousand years. It didn't have much historical significance. But there were sites nearby certainly added to its mystique a few miles away from ren the chateau sits castle rumored to be once owned by the knights templar. Just one of the many templars outposts that covered western europe at the time during the crusades. Followers of the catholic church created the knights templar to protect christian travelers on the road to jerusalem over the years theorists and historians have speculated. The templars may have traveled through or even lived in ren lucia chateau though there is little physical evidence to confirm this while the templars started with just nine members. They later grew in size and wealth becoming a feared financial and military force. Much like an international bank. They stored and protected valuables for the world's wealthiest families some say they carried ancient treasures out of the holy land and preserve them throughout europe but in thirteen. O seven ce king philip. The fourth of france feared the templars had become too powerful as a result. He ordered every night in the country to be arrested. There's no evidence that the order of the templars survived beyond this point but many believe their treasures and their secrets dead which brings us to ren chateau in seventeen thirty two ce at this time and eighteen year old orphan name read. Negra tables came to the village to marry a man named francois dot pool ran the oat pools one of the oldest noble families in france could trace their lineage to the templars and the crusades. Francois held the high nobility title of marquee of blanche for making his new wife. Marie blanche for the two had a prosperous marriage for the next twenty years throughout their time together. Francois revealed to his wife some ancient familial secrets when marie blache for lay on her deathbed in seventeen eighty one. She was attended to by the local priest in reynolds chateau. According to legend marie shared something known as the oc pool secret to the clergyman until that point it had been kept in the family for centuries and to this day that secret has never fully been revealed to the public. When marie blanche for died she was most likely buried in the local church's graveyard knowing the pool secret though the priest allegedly fled to spain but many believe he left some clues behind in ren leash atto another hundred years would pass in the isolated town before the hunt was revived in eighteen. Eighty five the diocese sent a new priest to the village. A man named barron jay sony. Who would resurrect though secrets yet again. So near grew up in long.

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