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Bonus the rest of the way ninety five to ninety two we went on top thirty six point three remaining and it'll be indiana ball out of this time out we would say for so long they needed at three point shot i'm not mistaken every three for seventeen yup town back out to in a row to them why were they want to be a one possession game with thirty six seconds left timeout called here by the pacers to try to talk things over nate mcmillan in his second season as the head coach of indiana remember this was the seventy last year in the east they were swept by the cleveland rather in the first round note should be noted you talk about that sweep last year in a sweep it was but listen to the scores one zero nine one eight one seventeen one eleven one nine one fourteen one zero six one zero two yeah total is sixteen points for four games so these two teams are evenly matched although admittedly two very different from last season they'll advanced the ball right now that's why they took the time out we're going to advance the ball up to the left side of the floor thirty six seconds game plot twenty four i'm shocked while one time out a piece the way one they're not gonna take the foul but they can afford a foul and not forced free throws inbound to the pack more floral depot watch by jr smith across the time line all the depot opened on the white wing often gets the rebound over thaddeus young that was the look they wanted i think they're gonna have to and they do that is young bumps lebron up the floor tile cobras left victor oladipo on that hedge he was wide open and victor all depots night has not been his behind the three point line he's one of six watching the.

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