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Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning Susie has the morning off the state is now facing what the governor calls a massive outbreak of the corona virus and he says if that continues you may be forced to tighten restrictions K. R. L. these Allen's Geyer joins us live with the update Alan and then county reported its highest single day at total of new cases yesterday with a hundred fifteen Tarrant county had its second biggest with four hundred sixteen governor Greg Abbott says he's worried about the number of hospitalizations across the state across Texas the number of people in the hospital with over nineteen has doubled over the past two weeks from about two thousand June eleventh the forty three hundred yesterday if we continue to see spikes like that occur that means that there will be serious healthcare consequences and we must put a stop to those serious health care because those numbers are not controlled in the next couple of weeks Texas may have to revisit some of those restrictions from earlier in the spring but while the number of hospitalizations is increasing the DFW hospital council says hospitals here still have open beds the hospital council says only thirty eight percent of ventilators are being used and they still have about fifty two hundred available beds reporting live Alan sky news radio ten maybe K. you will be thank you Alan as the corona virus continues to spread Dallas city leaders will meet today to discuss the possibility of re opening the Kay Bailey Hutchison convention center as a temporary hospital Dallas mayor Eric Johnson says they will continue to fund testing sites after the feds pull their money at the end of the month but Johnson says it's imperative that everyone wear masks and stay at home if they can if we aren't careful our health care system could be overwhelmed we have to take precautions now or face potentially dire consequences Boston York news radio ten eighty KRLD it is six oh six said K. R. L. D. as covert nineteen cases surge across North Texas many businesses are once again closing their doors K. R. L. these Bailey Friday has that story two months after Texas businesses began reopening many have started closing again because of the corona virus from grocery stores and restaurants pigeons we were surprised and you know and bonds angel Rogers is co owner of cheer athletics in Plano the facility recently closed after staff members and athletes there tested positive for Kobe nineteen Rogers tells NBC five they were careful they went above and beyond CDC guidelines but she says some athletes were allowed to take off their masks in hindsight we probably jumped on that a little bit early the facility will be closed through next week and Roger says she wants to share what they're going through so that everyone can learn before it happens to them Bailey Friday news radio ten eighty KRLD six oh six bar owners across Texas are gearing up for the fourth of July weekend to state regulators say they'll be checking to make sure those bars are obeying the restrictions most bars are self policing the crowd limits without a problem the indoor joints can have only fifty percent capacity Texas alcoholic beverage commission Chris Porter says the outdoor bars don't have the same rules the mobile order limit the size of outdoor gathering but as far as the as the T. C. we're looking for that six foot distance for indoor and outdoor seating out of six hundred inspections since re opening Porter says T. A. B. C. has only found seventeen violations and yes he says agents will be out in force this weekend LP Phillips news radio ten eighty KRLD six oh seven traffic and weather together on the aids coming up then what didn't Dallas Mavericks owner mark Cuban say last night about racism with the brand new iPhone Essy for less than a hundred Bucks at metro you rule it's the most affordable iPhone ever on the number one brand in prepaid so whether you're studying online or face time.

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