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Stopped paying attention as part as funny as the audience. indicated it was. So we'll talk about this more coming up next segment. The new monthly payments are going out to people with kids and it's practically everybody like ninety percent of kids. Ninety percent of households of kids are gonna get while also coming up. How is your day honey. I spent screaming and vomiting. What is scrubbing what causes it. Don't go away scrummaging scrummaging in all day long. If you can imagine that oh my gird oh you don't want it This is kind of breaking news. That ain't good really inflation climbs for the third straight month numbers up. Us consumer prices rose five point. Four percent in june from a year ago higher-than-expected and expecting it to be high aches The largest one month changed since june of two thousand eight. But we've had three months in a row. So we'll see rampant. Inflation scares me more than about anything pretty much pretty much. Can't shoot it with a gun. Can't get a vaccine for it not much. You can do about rampant inflation makes me makes me wanna scream at really. You know i know you save and plan and be disciplined your entire life and then stupid government policy causing inflation will wipe out now significant chunk of your mom makes you spitting mad scrummaging mad. So are you following the the story in texas where the republican legislature is trying to pass what i would describe as thoroughly reasonable structuring of voting laws. Trying to find a compromise between what used to be voting procedures and then the somewhat wild and wooly world of covid voting procedures. I absolutely love the here in in. Npr who are professional liars supported by your tax dollars texas house. Democrats left the state on monday in a second high profile effort to block controversial. Gop legislation the critics have slammed us voter suppression. You will never see a republican idea or legislation described as anything but controversial in the liberal media. Isn't everything controversial if there's somebody who objects to it every single piece of legislation is somewhat controversial. The democrats are attempting to break quorum and stop votes onto election bills. This is the second time they've wave walked out to prevent a vote on this bill. It's a stunt. It's you know it's been done around the country. And they did. Wisconsin wants missouri did at once swear The minority side takes a bus out of town so the can't vote and try to get a bunch of attention. Whip up some will on their side grabbed the texas. Republican governor criticize state democrats and swore that he would have them down interested. Once they step back into the state they will be arrested and brought back to the capital and we will be conducting business. Is he gonna shadows. Assume you're gonna get together a policy. I certainly hope so in texas right together. And by the way the like this from byron york yesterday on the twitter feed. He writes for the washington examiner. He said what about the rights of texas voters who elected legislature. Eighty three. Sixty seven republican. It's a pretty good majority. Yeah there is that yeah absolutely. He liked your way better. You've got to win. The elections right win some elections losers on the other hand when they did it. In oregon beckett was two years ago. I think they walked out twice or over a giant school funding bill and then then the idiotic useless expensive twenty house bill. Twenty twenty designed institute a big carbon tax in oregon entirely symbolic i mean just just silly just adolescent and at the time when the republicans walked out. I remember thinking. It was funny especially because kate brown. The communist governor was just beside herself spitting angry. I was going to have them arrested and hunted down. Yeah i was going to bring this up. Is that my memory of this over many years of watching very sluggish. Slater's do this now and then as a stunt as if it's your side you think it's a either funny or finally you know sticking it to the evil majority and if it's if it's the other side you think this is stupid. This isn't the way politics is supposed to work well. My favorite aspect of the the oregon thing was that kate brown Demanded that idaho know arrest a couple of Oregon legislators who had fled to the great state of idaho and the idaho state. Police said no. I can arrest them. Broken any laws here. Shut up anyway. Yeah it's kind of funny when your side does it. But i swear i mean this to my very soul is not talk. Show host hyperbole. I think joe's soul as watching an episode of the simpsons with my kids yesterday were bart sold his soul for five dollars and and mill house was more religious than barton in god and soul and all that sort of stuff and bart said the soul is just something. Grownups made up to scare little kids like the boogeyman and michael jackson. Which my kids laughed at so hard really. Yes because they've grown up with michael jackson only being a freak only in an alleged pedophile. Well they don't know about the pedophilia. I haven't really talked to them in their early years about all that but yeah that's not that good anyway soul. Oh that's right. Welcome to deep inside. Joe soul michael now for that so i swear i mean this. The describing any reasonable ordering a voting being careful about the fidelity vote the democrats describing that as as jim crow and his voter suppression in in apocalyptic terms. That is one of the great threats to the united states. 'cause we will lose all faith. In the electoral process. People will believe there s. Where's the jen. Psaki play a clip. Twenty five for us. Alex which he'll also cry efforts to strip the right to vote as anti-american As a stand up against the notion that politicians should be allowed to choose their voters to subvert our system by replacing independent election authorities with partisan ones and he will highlight the work of the administration against this the necessity of passing the for the people act and the john lewis voting rights advancement act and how we need to work together with civil rights organizations to build as brought a turnout and voter education center. Gums the worst challenge to our democracy since the civil war. Now that some hyper bowl holy crap who were sound since the civil war. That's almost like the new hitler. Comparing things to hitler is. This is the worst thing since the civil war. Dropped one of those yesterday. So yeah. that's the new hitler. I read some learned. typewriter tapper. Yesterday i can't remember who he was exactly but he pointed out that voter suppression is quickly gaining on abortion as ways to fire up the base. Even though as you. Put it out many times jack quite accurately but americans have in the normal majorities agree about abortion. First trimester uneasy with it but we understand that it's a women's rights her body second trimester all boy super troubling. Don't like all third trimester forget it huge majorities of americans believe that. Believe those things and yet they can still whip people up to get him to the polls well so-called voter suppression. Jim crow on steroids greatest threats in civil war. Which is i mean. It's almost so.

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