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Ice. Now. Our top stories from the Comb over 24 7 news center today is day two of the statewide mask mandate, which requires businesses to decline service to anyone who doesn't have their nose and mouth covered. Como's Carleen Johnson reports on the state laws that Governor Jay Inslee is citing. Give him the authority to make the mandate well. The Freedom Foundation has filed a lawsuit challenging the masked bandit, arguing Governor Inslee has overstepped his authority and the order violates the first Amendment. There is nothing in the Constitution that says people should die of a virus, The general public seemed to be mostly willing to go along with the mask mandate. At River Park Square, Mal ins, folk and yesterday security was confronting people if they weren't wearing one usually Oh, I left my mask in my car. Okay, we'll go out and get it. A few people have come in, and they don't have their math. So for those kinds of exceptions are public Safety Department provide them with a math secretary of Health. John Wissmann is the one who issued the face mask mandate. Then the governor went further threatening fines or even loss of an operating license to any business. It allows customers not to wear a face covering Carleen Johnson come, Oh news, the State Health Department reported Another 14 deaths from covert 19 in Washington yesterday and another 435 cases confirmed in the last 24 hours. The current surgeon cases has not led to a surge in hospitalizations, at least not yet. Elmo's neck. Popham tells us what the experts are saying. The rise in cases means we have to be on the look out. We're in a very challenging phase in King County. We saw 66 more cases of Cove in 19. While we only saw eight new hospitalizations. That doesn't mean those aren't close behind if he started adding it up a couple of generations. The numbers get big very fast, is why health officials like Harbour View's Dr John Lynch. Say we need to keep taking this seriously and we need to stop thinking about this is a temporary fix, and we need to start moving into how do we integrate all of these tools and our behaviors for the foreseeable future? Because the transmission great in western Washington is nearly 2 to 1. While right now the majority of those testing positive for the virus or young adults ages 20 to 40 the more covert 19 spreads, the more likely a high risk person. Khun get infected. That's Cuomo's Nick problem Coming up covert 19 part two. I'm Brian Calvert, with the Northwest researcher who says it's possible but the next time we could be more prepared 1st 1 for Cuomo. Traffic.

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