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Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield, Jonathan Vilma discussed on Get Up!



Chance to win if you don't turn the ball over you can win you can be in most games and he doesn't have to start right away they have tyrod taylor but they similar type quarterback tyrod taylor very mobile those about down the field and he likes to try to stretch the feel baker mayfield does the same thing i believe baker mayfield is a little bit more accurate he has better ball placement and he can read a defense you give them time to understand defense and get used to that offense he's gonna play very well jonathan vilma is sold on baker mayfield i this is big news here but i really wanna get a take on a couple of the other quarterbacks in this draft josh rosen is one of them we hear criticism of him that doesn't really sound like criticism he has too many interests he's too intelligent all of those sorts of things what is your belief about josh rosen at the next level i think josh rosen won't be a very very good quarterback at the next level of my only concern with him was his health he has been injured quite often and usually that carries over into the nfl the guys are bigger guys are strong there faster but as far as the mechanics as far as him being a pure pocket passer there's no one better than him in the draft right now that can throw the ball the way he does he can read a defense very well and i don't know how being too intelligent is a negative especially at the quarterback position you look at it guy like peyton manning if he was too intelligent i'll take josh rosen just like i would take peyton manning and having wonderful hall of fame career and one more for you and that's lamar jackson at the beginning of this process people were talking about him as a wide receiver now people are talking about him as a middle of the first round quarterback is lamar jackson going to be an nfl star.

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