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He's inherited a lot of times new head coaches, they'll say, well, I don't know what I have here. I don't know to coach taker was not like that at all. He likes the talent that he inherited pretty giddy about it actually. And as you touch out last year, there sees oneself partially when France, while when out with injury and the first game of the season against Alabama. Now, the Alabama game last year, they lost by seventeen points. You say while they were not competitive, but they actually had a fifteen to thirteen I down, we're only gained by nineteen yards an loss or quarterback in the fourth quarter, you look at some of their all their losses last year. Teams issues to that just Ravel's remember college football, unlike high school, even I'm like, the NFL has no preseason. So something like like a special teams really glaring when you don't have that speed and practice, whatever. It's a lot of unknown variable. Nothing they would have won. This team was less than a touchdown, underdog, bam, on a neutral ash year and they're bringing, you know a lot lot back. Yeah. And then you look at the NC state game at six point loss. How about Miami of Florida? Miami needed a touchdown, pass with what three seconds left to beat them. The Louisville game Florida state had the ball on the Louisville side of the field in a tie game sitting up for the winning field goal. They fumble. Louisville, goes down, gets a field goal. The beat them, the Boston College game may have been a little bit of a hangover from the Lula loss. And then the Clemson game, fourth quarter, six minutes to go Florida state in the middle of six regular season had the ball and Clemson side of the field down by three points with six minutes ago. In the game. So they made a game of it. There you look at their schedule this year, they get Clemson at home. They get Boston College at home, Florida at home. They do have a tough road schedule, but I think flu Louisville's winnable even the Miami Florida game is winnable. Teams are fairly close allies and see state loss or entire defensive line from last year. I think Notre Dame's going to be tough for him, but he added all up. There's a lot of experience coming back, eight starters on offense. I think they get their best offense align play. They've had years, you know, when you have the pro style offense, it's tougher for an offensive line spread style. We can see improvement. Remember what Joe Moorhead did at Penn State when he brought the spread, they're all of a sudden they sacked total one way down and Taggart likes his offense alive and this year. So ended all up a really. I'm surprised the number. Doug is only seven and a half on that one. Why I know things like our football power index, we do. That's very sharp ESPN. One thing they overlook in college football, they don't take into account injuries for quarterbacks, which I think is enormous. Now, I know. We've had other sort of analytics guys in the gambling space on this podcast, and they talk about how there's such an overreaction injuries because anytime there is an injury that's already built in the line is not a, you know about the injury in the odds makers don't. Sometimes there's an overreaction, but subbing that's not built in the line is maybe a center which is very valuable in the NFL things like that. So, but I'm surprised if PI I mean, because there is such a disparity, there's obviously more teams in college football, and there's a large gap at some schools, even a blueblood, like Florida state between the starter and backup. And we saw that last year in Blackman's first couple of games. Yeah, it was a huge difference. And you know, black went through learning experience. He was running the the pro style offense that they've Randy took a lot of hits last year, but only completed fifty, five percent. And you know, when you look at the overall ratio last year nineteen, eleven not bad, but really he did not come near what? France. Why did the previous year. I fell will head over to games of the year posted at west gate and others..

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