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The coast another he is moving in a coastal flood advisory wbz out in the l and another nor'easter on the way ordered sixty eight thousand without power condition sued interior a potential over a foot of snowfall somewhere to go weather watch never stops wbz newsradio 1030 you've got anything useful to tell me about the weather we got were though red river it depends on the weather weather opd to weather life out there the goal go the weather well you know we have another big weather day winter storm watch in effect from wednesday morning through thursday morning wednesday and wednesday night increasingly windy with snow snow mixed in with rain along the coast snow accumulating wanted three inches in the city three to six north and west of one 28 six ten inches west 495 with locally higher amounts little in the way of accumulation and the cape ann islands where it will be mostly rain marcos of flooding problems as guts get up to fifty five miles per hour well again high temperature wednesday 35 inland forty near the coast i have to admit i was wrong but song by the way who did that so i was wrong who can tell me who did that saw but i was wrong about the weather i was wrong about the winter i said that's it winter's over i was optimistic and yeah i not only am my wrong i caused it i caused this it's my fault i caused that you know it's funny the second i said it you know the news comes down the wire about the last on and that really didn't count as a winter storm for me but this one does so i was wrong yeah this happens every year i do it and that happens so maybe i should stop but someday i'll be right but you know even a blind chicken gets a piece of.

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