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We had fun this week preparing for Sarah Paulson to come back. Kevin how much did it cost? I don't do the numbers dead. You spend the numbers some fun ideas. Paid for him. Yeah. We had a wonderful producer name, Melissa scientists, Sarah and she came up. We've scared her first of all we scared her in every way we've ever scared anyone on the. Yes. Ellen in the bathroom at the scare table behind. Her built a special box could scare her during five second rule. So listen, I've been to the house with her when we sent her house. Yeah. So let's camp with some really crazy ideas to scare her. That seem insane. We actually dug out a tunnel underneath Ellen's your idea member that was Mary's idea. I'm hearing now. Dug a tunnel under Ellen's chair, basically. So that Sewri a sub flooring flooring. Well, if you notice the platform of of what we call home base, which is where Ellen chairs are you have to take a couple of steps up to get to them. So there's gotta be some room underneath a little bit of room. So they cleared out some some boards, and we made a tunnel. So Corey could crawl from backstage into that box after Ellen showed her that it was empty. So we open the table to show, Sarah. There's no one in the table to scare right? Then we'd close the table and somebody crawls you guys you guys know what we are suddenly we're kinda like magicians, it was a lot like a little like look there's nothing here. And then suddenly Elissa had an absolutely shame. What to do a ninja dropping from the sky to scare Sarah Paulson? It was so fast. And so startling. It was and the what you really you have in your mind. What you hope that will be. And this didn't disappoint great. So if you wanna see that go check, your DVR's, and and check out this show because because we're podcast, even if we play a clip of screaming, you can't see how it happened. But we're going to play a clip here's quip of screaming. God. Can I open it up? There's nothing in here. Nobody in there guys know what they like to do. Right. Go to yourself now. I'm scared. I know any just scream I did know I saw you look at tiny bit over my shoulder like something happened via nothing's happening. So you do impressions. And you're really good at accents impression. So we're gonna play heads up because you like heads up. Right. I do love ice game. And I like your impressions to I didn't know. I saw you on Jimmy Fallon me doing who. Are you doing Barrymore? Maybe yet. You're just good at impressions. Thanks. All right. So I'm gonna guess who you're doing. And no this. This part. It out. I'm saying play Andy. Okay. All right. This is fun. Okay. Okay. Oh. I don't I come do this very well. But I'm doing all kinds of poses in anonymous staged. Let's go accent NAMA stage. I am yet. Does I have no idea? Oh, I'm round. If you own. What am I doing here on how they really would like to offer some kind of of this Wade we accent? I'm doing a vanity Benji thing with the tool with lots of already. But I don't know who you are. I'm not supposed to be passed and it's an accent. Okay. It's It's not to get. supposed to get. I don't know if it's all right? Let me tell you something. The whole. I wanna say that looks like sit down. All right. Creative. We have to. I know we had to build tunnel and. That's why I was able to it was empty and then he came in during the commercial break..

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