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Mix of clouds and sun this Sunday morning will reach a high of 44°. It's later this afternoon and into this evening and we'll have a couple of rain showers move into the area. Maybe you'll hear a rumble of thunder or two. Temperatures tonight settle at 33°, another cloudy day tomorrow still chilly with a high of 44°. Right now it's 37° at O'Hare and midway 33 in Naperville in 39 at the lakefront, headed up to a high of 44. It's 8 20 Our top story this hour, thousands are gathered in grant park this morning for the start of the annual shamrock shuffle 8 K race there are national racing teams at the starting line, ready to compete in the 13th annual Deloitte elite club competition more than 50 teams will fly for that championship title in a $20,000 prize. We will go live from the starting line with wbms Nancy hardy coming up at 8 31. Two men are charged after leading Addison police on a high-speed chase last week. 23 year old at Jacob dochi of south Elgin and 23 year old nadir Al assar of schomberg are charged with felony aggravated fleeing and alluding police, dochi has been hit with an additional charge for possession of burglary tools. To page county prosecutors say the two were caught trying to break into an Addison landscaping business Thursday night and took off in separate vehicles. That accused of leading police on chases of up to 110 mph before they were taken into custody in Chicago. Authorities say dochi was found with a box containing several key fobs and tools typically used in catalytic converter thefts. Bond for both men said it $50,000. Andy Dane one O 5 9 wbm. This hour is we can news quiz question is coming up in just 90 seconds. And now the weather expect partly cloudy skies with an excellent chance of maximum refunds. Wait, that can't be right. Oh, but it is. Who are you? I'm April. And we could see refunds writing

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