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Former SNL cast member Jason Sudeikis is played Biden as well. The new season of SNL starts October 3rd. It's a half Third on the 91. It's in Anaheim Hills on the 91 eastbound at the 2 41 some kind of a piece of furniture, maybe an Ottoman or something in the second lane from the left. You have to maneuver around that still have this terrible spot in Glendora on the 2 10 eastbound before you get too grand. It's only the two right lanes are blocked The lots of hubbub here so people driving slow and getting a look. Your drive is slammed in from Irwindale Avenue eastbound side West found side you'll find yourself affected from the 57 Ko Phi and the sky is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman Superlawyer dot com Jeff bought with your ride on the 605, right, pretty good report coming up being a real actual bit. But be careful if you're about to get on the South 605 Valley Boulevard just south of I'll be careful. There's a concrete next to their tone of pump, I think looks like they had a little break fire. But it's out is just some activity on the shoulder. Now, after that, pretty good, Dr. Actually, all the way down to the I five and the 105, the usual slowing down there. I'll go back to things on a freeway that Robin was talking about there. We just got word from CHP that might be careful South and 605 around 91 or sell street a table of all things freeway. So just be careful, North bound side look good. And finally, the San Bernardino Freeway. Another great report. Really 6057 10. No issues at all. Everybody's at speed limit. Injured in an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bark, a F I and this guy. Hey, I find this guy helps get you there Faster. I'm robbing banks. LeBron James and Anthony Davis has been named to the All NBA first team joining James Harden of the Rockets. Luca Don Cheech.

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