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In 1877, Doc. Dolly 1877 deal. C d Ay l ay So he's in the term debate because I don't think what happened a few nights ago was actually a debate. But it was exactly what the media wanted because the media wanted great headlines and sound bites and vied insane. Will you shut up man and telling Trump that he was the worst president ever? And you know, Trump interrupted him and say not true and lie and fake news and all the other stuff. And so for the media, they gobbled it up for the average American voter. They thought that it was an absolute poop show. And there was a lot of criticism of Chris Wallace in Fox News and Donald Trump and said he actually felt like he was debating not only Joe Biden but the moderator as well. And there was also criticism that Chris Wallace didn't stop Trump from interrupting Joe Biden. And so suggestions have been made that there be mute buttons. Where the president speaks and then gets muted when the other Other candidates speaks Joe Biden, or if there's a rebuttal, and it starts to go too far that there's some control with the muting. I don't know if a moderator is equipped to handle that very objectively. On DH. That could be an absolute disaster, depending on who the mute and how the news and then what sound bites get taken out? That can even be a potential for lawsuits. There's also the consideration that, um there be penalties or the moderator would actually be judge and jury. And turn around and penalized the candidate if they felt they interrupted or did too much which again, I think is going down a slippery slope and what I want to kind of bring up here is the reason why We had a debate like we had the few days ago few nights ago was because of how we do media and social media and tweeting and Snapchat and instagram mean And this was on us. Unfortunately, we didn't want it. We didn't realize it. But this was caused because of us. So in the all the days I don't know if you ever, you know, read about the Lincoln Douglas debates with Abraham Lincoln. They were three hour long debates each one had about an hour to speak. And then there was, I think, a 30 minute from defense. So if somebody was up there speaking for an hour and calling you this, this this this niss, you add a piece of paper. You will write down everything that you had to defend. And then when it was your 30 minutes to talk, you could talk. That's how debates used to be. Unfortunately with what's happened with Donald Trump, it'd happen with presidents before him. If there is something that said about him that has already tweeted. It is already out there on social media. And if he is quiet, and he doesn't Respond back. All of a sudden in the year. 2020 silence is now defined as, um, support or approval. So in debates where you were supposed to be quiet if somebody calls you a name, and you don't Jump on that right away. You're standing there. Quiet now appears that you're guilty of it. And that wasn't like that in previous presidential debates, and I'm not saying this to defend vital or trump, but this is where we're at. So if somebody's going off for two minutes or whatever, and then they they hit a whole bunch of insults. And they know that they're going to be able to do that, because the other person is not gonna be able to respond that will already be making it into the media. And then the the response from the other candidate will have to sit there and spent the whole time doing defense. Now, If that's the way the debate rules go, where one speaks than the other speaks, and they take notes. That's kind of the way it wass. It would be, you know, a more peaceful You know, probably a more productive debate. But the thing also, that's changed with debates is even though there were insults and saying, Well, you know if you choose me as president, all do this where as Abraham Lincoln will abolish slavery or whatever happened with the Lincoln Douglas debates, you know, and you to vote for Lincoln. You know you're gonna lose all that money because he's going abolish slavery. But if you vote for me, you know I'm going to keep it intact or I don't know I haven't read the transcripts. I'm I've read some, but I haven't read all of them, so I don't know exactly what he's saying. That's an example. But The insults were not You know you were the worst president. You know our with Hilary or the I mean there, you know, the You know you have bad hair. You know, I don't really remember all the insults that were given back and forth between the two candidates. But that wasn't a part of Proper debate. Um, behavior for decorum. So I mean, I'm wondering if you're going to start making rules, and people are calling for shock collars and muting and penalizing and all that. Are there going to be any rules. On false accusations and name calling. Now. I mean, the vital team was prepared for, you know, President Trump to make fun of them. And instead we saw Maura vitamin making fun of Donald Trump. Well, what if there was a room if you're gonna make rules? What if there's a rule of okay, no name calling. You can't call somebody the worst vice president. You can't you know, you say somebody you know was the worst president you can. You know if you do that That's then because it's going to force the other person to want to fight back and I get these is the media is not going to do that. He loved that. The media love those sound bites. So who's going to call for that? Who's going to ask for that? Yeah. And then how do you control it? You know if somebody says somebody is racist or somebody you know, jailed people that you know we're supposed to be jailed. Er I don't know the back and forth that they went and it was wrong and it was incorrect. You know, I don't really want to hear a back and forth of somebody named calling are accusing somebody, the other person defending. Well, that's not true. I just want answers. What I want to debate to be Is, what are we going to do of Cove? It spikes again, and we have certain governors calling for state shutdowns. What are you going to do? Federally. Well, I am going to do this. That simple. Instead, they have to open defending whatever V s just went back and forth. Same thing with you know when we do open up the borders, you know what are we going to do in terms of immigration, illegal immigration undocumented workers taking jobs from those who are currently unemployed? How are you going to approach the Supreme Court and just answer the gosh darn question Now the candidates might not want that The candidates might not want to. Give that answer, because again, the media takes that answer and runs with it. I don't think Joe Biden had any desire to bring Thio to discuss how he was going to approach the Supreme Court if he had said he was going to add extra justices that were liberal which again I don't understand how presidents do that. But you know you pick a neutral judge, but I get it and you know it's it's not neutral. It's a shame it's it's that way. But he said that that would be then the next headline. So no, he's not gonna want to say that. You know the same thing with Donald Trump. And you know Donald Trump being put on the spot for his tax records? Ah s o..

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