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Saying that she thinks Playbill in Maysville, Georgetown, Hillsborough could see after two inches of snow and around an inch across the eastern suburbs of Cincinnati. So that could be Anderson to Richmond. Places like that down into Alexandria and all the Kentucky so we'll be watching it closely. You see if it pans out, but it's very rare for the tri state to have an official White Christmas. They've been tracking Get about 100 years, and it's only happened like 16 or 17 times and especially cold. Yeah, definitely gonna be cold on Christmas Day. Everybody who thinks they're gonna have their dinner in the garage or in the backyard may want to rethink things. Because the highs only getting to 25. What do you doing, 6 30. We'll talk stimulus. July Late Last night, Congress passed the next round of coronavirus relief. Those details and 15 minutes. Use Radio seven W W Thank you so much, Brian. It's Christmas. You're buying stuff for your kids. Did you see the story toys that weren't meant to be toys? Play? Doh was originally a wallpaper cleaner. Check that out if you're buying that for your kids This year. Joseph McVicker, head of the Cuddle products company, and Cincinnati right here, um, heard from a local teacher that students were struggling to use a stiff modeling clay in his classroom. This guy realized that the cuddle wallpaper paper cleaning party made a squishy substitute and ship some to the local schools in 1955, and within a year they had founded the Rainbow Crafts Company to sell this newly named play DOH. In this off white color, and they soon sold in primary colors. So Plato from Cincinnati, actually started out as a wallpaper cleaning product. That's crazy stuff. There did not know that Plato started in the Cincinnati It's good stuff. 6 18 Now on 700 wlw. We've got the Bangles update coming up Jay Ratliff. If you're traveling, going to talk about that he's our aviation expert. And we've got your Christmas forecast all coming up next check out that film where the dark evil emperor tries to force the change heroin to join his side, But she's not happening. So she summons her powers breaks Irvine's.

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