Donahue, George Floyd, House Judiciary Committee discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Had made a mistake and should be more sensitive but he denied being racist I'm Jennifer king Starbucks says it expects to lose more than three billion dollars in revenue in its fiscal third quarter because of the corona virus but expects losses to subside as the year goes on I'm a Donahue APNews corona virus update I met Donahue with an A. P. news minute the corona virus has pushed consumer prices down for the third straight month here's the AP's soccer Madani the government says the consumer price index fell point one percent last month far less of a decline that in the previous two months but when you leave out food and energy prices which bounce around each month core inflation also fell point one percent the first time it's ever dropped in three straight months the numbers are a reflection of American spending less during the virus induced lockdown since weaker customer demand pushes prices down the federal reserve's taken steps to keep the economy from completely imploding but it's not expected to announce more action when its latest meeting ends today Sager mag ani Washington Moscow's mayor says it will take the Russian capital about two months to lift all coronavirus restrictions restrictions on mass gatherings remain a decision to lift them will be made at the beginning of July I'm a Donahue a day after George Floyd was buried one of his brothers is making a plea to lawmakers felonies Floyd says he's tired of the pain after people are killed during interactions with police I'm here to ask you to make it stop stop the pain he tells the house Judiciary Committee his brother needs to be more than another face on a T. shirt another name on a growing list of people to watch in the streets I tell you enough is enough chairman Jerry Nadler's hearing is the first after Democrats introduced a broad police reform and accountability package today we answer their call Republicans are working on their.

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