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Testified at the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry told house lawmakers they became increasingly alarmed over any regular effort to pressure you crane into announcing investigations that would benefit president trump politically bill Taylor the top U. S. diplomat in Ukraine and George can to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs testified for more than five hours Republican lawmakers mostly avoided casting doubt on the pair's credibility instead focusing their attacks on committee chairmen Adam Schiff and the anonymous whistle blower democratic congressman Peter Welch of Vermont had this response after Republican congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio claim no one has first hand knowledge of the July call in question thank you I say to my colleague I'd be glad to have the the person who started it all come in and testify president trump is welcome to take a seat right there on tomorrow lawmakers will hear from former U. S. ambassador to Ukraine Maria von of it she was ousted in may at trump's direction a federal appeals court in Washington is again up held a District Court ruling granting Congress access to president trump's tax returns teeing off a likely battle in the Supreme Court to to settle the matter yesterday's ruling marks another blow to the president's ongoing effort to keep Congress from seeing his financial information this particular legal challenge from trump's team it revolves around a subpoena the house oversight committee sent to Mazar's an accounting firm the trump family has used for years for some of the president's financial records drug resistant bacteria along with heavy use of antibiotics feel nearly three point one million infections with forty eight thousand seven hundred deaths every year in the US according to a new federal report warning that the toll from so called super bugs is greater than previously known the findings from the CDC provide an update to a two thousand thirteen report in which the public health agency sounded an alarm about the dangers of these bugs the CDC says the super bugs once a threat confined mostly to hospitals are spreading more aggressively now and other health care facilities cal was swept off an island in North Carolina during hurricane Dorian have been found alive after apparently swimming for about five miles the gals belong to heard on cedar island but were swept away in September by a mini tsunami generated by Dorian they were presumed dead until they were spotted recently at a park in the Outer Banks plans are now underway to send them back home wow did you know cal's could swim five miles I had no idea I guess the definition of swim maybe loosely interpreted here you think they walked through the water with a somehow made their way through the water rather what a story thanks in twenty two.

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