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Back to our final segment with Jeff Grupp as we talk about God faith. Let's go to Wayne in Tacoma, Washington, west of the Rockies. Hey, why? No, go ahead. Good evening, gentlemen. Georgia. Jeff, I can hear you're on the way to becoming a great person apologised, like rallies, ACA riots, you're doing a fantastic job tonight. And I thank you for that presentation that you're giving. I know you're earlier alluded to the world's problems. And why is the world the way it is fallen and sinful? And we have to look at what the bible says, of course, the bible, clearly states that from the garden of Eden on me are in fallen world and the king, and prince of that world is Satan. Or Lucifer the light giver. And I hear all these people talk about looking at the light and seeing the light and seeing lights. I'm a little leery of that myself. You know what I mean? But I just wanted to, again, say you're doing fantastic presentation of God's word. And we gotta look you know, history tells us that the, the Agassi's in the Pharisees, you know what, Jesus say to them. They said you are vipers in and snakes and other things you call them. And those are the religious leaders of the day today in, you know, basically, all religions of the world are the same. It's all do's and don'ts. Do my goods outweigh my bad. That's basically, what all religions and this is where Christianity differentiates from religions Christianity is not a religion, it's a relationship with God through his son. Jesus christ. Through faith by grace through Christ alone. Jeffrey. God bless you. Thank you, take your balls. Jeffrey. Yeah. Yeah. Excellent. Yeah, I agree that the, the whole point of our lives are to have our eyes fixed. I'm Christ God all the time, then we have meaning than we have satisfaction than, than we have full lives and deaths. And I think what you're looking at. When you look at the world is the product of people who are not staring at God, that's what I defined evil as different than evil in the book, and I call it evil taking is I've got I've got a whole pile of versus I because it says, in the bible, creates evil than many places in the Old Testament, so you gotta do something about that. What in the world is that all about? And, and there's an explanation for it, basically, meaning that God sustains the free will consciousness of angels and people and allows and he keeps them in existence while they free. We choose to look away from him. And I call that God's creation of evil which is so anyway. It's interesting issue. Let's go to Mira in Los Angeles mirror. Go ahead. Hi, george. Good evening. Hi. So I just wanted to offer my understanding of existences suffering based upon the biblical text. Sure. So says angiogenesis after the fruit has been eaten. Regards to hold the mantis become as one of us to no good and evil. And now let's keep it for his hand and take all of the train of life and eat and the forever. So basically, you know. Like even God is not her fix. If you read the Old Testament like you'll see the he repented anger. He repents even making a human beings that if you look like Joanna, Joanna pensive anger wanting to destroy the city which she sent you. And so when I guess, when we think about suffering, we think often about this stuff during the flush, you know. If we think about the story of a Lazarus, how Richman has his comfort, but in a lot of the rest is fabric, my God just for what is heart. Well, you're right about that. Oh, that God is presented in the bible as angry in many cases, Jeff, don't you agree? Well, yeah, that's the attributes of God, you know, presence in the one is wrath, and that has something to do with that, that humans are different than him, and that we have been in in. In other words, we violate the ways of being like God and that's the whole point that we're not worthy of being alive anymore since we're different than God. That's a whole point of, of the cross and so forth, which, but yeah, that's a lot of these things. I mean God is infinite creator. And so a lot of this stuff is just beyond. I just gave a sermon called God is mystery and a lot of ways that's to approach God with us. Great sense of unknowing and realizing that he's just I mean, in a way that so therefore, we're a mystery also humans are mystery word if got it infinite image, we're incident, too, but were smaller 0 'cause you don't can't Tori in mathematics is different levels of 0. I right about that. In, in my book. So it's, it's good to think of God is great something beyond almost like a poem far beyond what we can comprehend. And that's good news. I think because when I then we can be absolutely humble in face of this incredible. You know, it's like, you know, this amazing openness that he represents, Stephen South Dakota. Let's get you hear Stephen. Go ahead. Hey, george. Thank you for taking my call. I could talk for hours.

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