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Any home project at homeadvisor dot com. That was very quick that was very efficient. Just read what's on the paper man, sometimes while sometimes not so well, but just whatever's on the papers when I read you know, that was what's on the paper. Why did you blast? Anthony Davis father. Why were you wandering around here? Referring to him as ADD. Anthony Davis is debt. Because he does not want. This is so ridiculous. Everything that's going on between LeBron Rich, Paul the Lakers. Anthony Davis his dad, the Pell all of it. I feel bad. I actually feel bad for the pelicans here. But Anthony Davis is dad does not want his son playing the Boston Celtics. What if the pelicans earned or deserved given what they've done for Anthony Davis one hundred plus million dollars. Okay. And but he can get out of that contract. Like that's getting out of the contract. That's the way that works now in the NBA. Those are the new rules of the NBA paid him to fulfil a contract that he is not fulfilled. Okay. I mean Now, Dan this is and then you have Anthony Davis is dad who needs a throw in. I don't want him go on the Boston. Because Boston wasn't loyal ties. Ahah thomas. Are you kidding me? Your son is sitting here not fulfilling a contract not being loyal to his own team. But you don't want them to go to Boston because they weren't loyal is Ahah Thomas who they traded along with Colin sex, the Kyrie Irving that might be a place you want to. Explore playing if he could pull that kind of trade off except he wants to play with LeBron. And that's why he joing LeBron's management. You know, what I agree with Barkley the NBA, Adam silver should stand up to LeBron James and shut the trade Braun is taking us. His stand up to LeBron never, but he should. Funny. Lebron requests extra all star days off and Adam servers like okay, that's funny. Stand up to LeBron James. Well, it does a funny to have your dad's doesn't want you playing for an organization because they're not loyal, y you yourself or not being going to your own organization greed. Agreed. And it is a the point that you're making is a fair one. I just would argue that loyalty in sports is fraudulent and largely only something that fans believe in largely because Kyrie Irving is telling you, I don't know anybody bleep and many of the guys with power and money believe that's fun. He doesn't anyone bleep. I'm fine with that. Whatever Davis owes the pelicans is to is to fulfill the compu- gods that other. No that's not where we are anymore. That is not where we are anymore. If you LeBron brought fulfilled all contracts Ron changed that game. The bronze asking people to do things that he would never do at what we've seen. How many times do you have to see it? Now, the player in basketball has taken back the power from those unstated things in the contract where the team doesn't actually have to be loyal to you. Because without a no trade clause. They never have to fulfill the contract. They can always send you away to a city that you don't want to go to. So now they've been checkmated because the players have the power and LeBron did that LeBron did it with the TV show. And now you're going to have to eat it, all you owners who don't like your two hundred and fifty million dollar max isn't enough nor Orleans betrayed that dude. And I don't blame him for a moment for wanting to get out of there because they've squandered prime years of his career by not building correctly around him. He gave them plenty of time. Right when he played. But here's the thing in a year and a half that he has remaining he can't just why any play that out. And that just go to Lakers. Oh, because we're giving New Orleans a chance to get something for me get outta here. It's not for them..

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