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For storming the U. S. Capitol, holding out hope that Trump will use some of his last hours in office to grab the rioters. Full pardons. Riders contend that they went to the capital and support of Trump, and now it's time for Trump to support them. Among them is Frisco real estate agent Jenna Ryan, who says quote I feel like I was basically following my president. Trump can add to his long list of pardons and commutations up until noon Easter, although is not expected to do so, Kim Lampkin scale I F news. Well, here it is seven of nine The president first lady still have not emerged from the White House. We're looking at a picture of Marine one big helicopter, the presidential helicopter sitting on the lawn of the White House, and I know what's going on, and I don't mean to open up a can of worms here, but Think he's saying goodbye to everyone. No, I think I think Melanie is going. Oh, wait. I forgot something. Oh, wait. I've got to stop it. I'm gonna have to water. Wait. This'll plant needs some water. I'll be there in a minute. Go ahead. You go ahead. I'll get there in a minute. Because that's what happens in your house doesn't mean that happens in every house. If yes, I'm usually the first one out the door in my house. I'm waiting for everyone else, and it happens, but it happens. But I'm always the exception to the run. Making a sexist thing out of it. Sounds like it's just, you know, when my wife says, Okay, let's go. I wait until the door is open to get up. I'm usually waiting for everyone else in my house. Except for the dog. The dog's always headed on doesn't get to go. I know, but she's always trying to go. Let's check the money. Money news. Now it's 7 10 with business Update from network radio Spencer Macallan. Good Morning, Spencer. Good Morning, Dave in Enjoy your sensitivity training. Later today, West Texas Intermediate crude resumes the anticipated Vaccine recovery rally 53 50 per barrel this morning the Dow up 30 41 points now poised to open just below 30,900. Netflix is surging after reporting 200 million subscribers. The punchline, though they missed their earnings forecast, and they'll generate no frequent cash flow this year. I'm Spencer me. Gallon President Macallan Group net worth radio dot com. Not kidding. She says. She, You know, she's looking for an extra jacket. Maybe a lot of you already open mouth. Insert foot Don't make it worse. I don't care if people going to make a big, sexist thing out of being making a joke about about No life in in America than you know. Fine. Whatever the president did give a speech. He did a nice good bye speech yesterday and we've got some of the sound bites coming up as we continue with K l i f news and information in the morning..

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