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So when I walked through the doors of Song Land. I had no idea who it was going to be four and then when I found out that her was my artist. I'm like I can really hear her singing. This like she would kill it and just take it to a whole other level so for my first take of singing in front of the producers and her I remember. My heart was beating out of my chest. Sweaty palms like short of breath. Like all all of that. I was just so nervous and as a songwriter. I feel like it's even more vulnerable to do something like this because you're going in front of Grammy Award. Winning Songwriter Producers and a Grammy Award winning artist. And you're singing a song that you wrote from your heart you're just spilling your guts out. That was nerve wracking for me. Hello cool to be here. This is a song called wrong places. Let's hear it for all the wrong case. A look all these faces always looking for on one trump concern kill question. Mccain home that just think how I was told young to set but I just love tools. Sentimental looking for someone to write although woods to my instrumental. It's bitch bitches. Only thing green. How does make just onto the god she gets? After I finished singing Ryan header got the piano and he picked up the courts right away I was like Oh my God. He's playing these chords. It's crazy like they were coming up with ideas only me tell me that you think they don't even more like that could be the bridge. They started like changing a few different lines. Who'd have said show me how to love and then we again. I'm always looking for us when wind drunk and faded yes and even like lust with trust to like. It's this is just like when you're warned drunken faded. It was just the coolest constructive criticism that I've never really had the opportunity to have 'cause it's always just been me sending into my phone or just writing in my notes so just to have that bounceback with people that are just so well respected in the industry. I never thought in a million years that I would have that type of opportunity and that in itself was so cool so when I got to move to the second round I remember like like who who am I going to work with. I would be happy any which way because they're all amazing and so. I walked into the room and I saw Ryan. I was so excited. Because I'm such a big Fan of Ryan header as I am with the other producers as well but I just remember like when apologize came out ahead of my space in like anytime I would go. Through break-up apologize would be my song on my space to fit my mood so to even be in his presence. I was like I wanted to like bow down to him. But we sat down at first before even got into the music aspect of it and we just went through line by line and we were like okay. Let's make sure every single line makes sense. I was told him to settle age. Ain't the thing I'm just to sino-middle. Aj thing there at his age thing too sentimental so we changed lyrics to just kind of conclude each line. Originally it was looking for Lebanon. All the wrong places looking for love and all of these faces so we wanted to say looking for love and all the wrong places looking for love and all the wrong faces. We definitely changed that and we changed the end of the hook as well the lines. I've been feeling lonely. Homie told me that you think I'm pretty. Show me how to love again. So that's kind of cool because it keeps it open to the imagination and anyone can really take that line and make it whatever they want to mean and then we actually facetime her. As well which I didn't expect and came up with an idea dinnenn e which I loved so it started with an acoustic element and then started to progressively grow throughout the track.

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