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I hope it's a comedy. The title carrots Lynn, which is funny that he's going to goals. Name to main clemen place, Colin Keith Reddin, less funny. Leila ones. This is this is a kicker plays Rudny von Duncan Steiger. That's true. That's get isn't that come on that scale. But yes, so it's it's if the greasy strongly. Kim Newman in his review says the greasy strangle was more of a gross out serial kill Horo, maybe. And this is kind of a mutant film powered by obsessive desire as he puts a very good by putting it's less colty. It's says less Greece. There's less gross out stuff. It's still fucking with like, it's really strange, and it set in a very specific world's I really love the sort of aesthetic that they have. It's just this sort of, you know, Salai Lee strange seventies eighties. People have very bad hab facial hair. There are people who, you know, look like they shouldn't usually be on a cinema screen on a cinema screen, but it it's a sensually. There's a sort of shaggy dog story about s-, you know, a Bank robbery that goes wrong. And there's a bit of a love triangle between free characters. It's it's it's it's an old one. It's one of those things when you. Private press screening at like nine o'clock in the morning and two of the people, and it's just feels like this is not a nine o'clock in the morning. This is a film you wash ally Charles or something you've had a few biz. And as a misfit to it because it's just strangest. It's film you need to watch with an audience. I think that's precisely though when we want the greasy strangler. Do remember remember that? Yeah. Yeah. It was very excited by this. Morning. I recall afternoon, we had just watched moonlight just seen moonlight full hand. From that to this. But it's it's it's it's a tricky one. Really, I think if you hated greasy starting than you'll probably going to hate giving with Flynn if you lights agree strongly. The way and evening. It's it tests. Your patience is a lot of drag jokes dragged out that it's it's just quite all. And. No, no, always in a successful way. Perhaps. It's very long. I feel feels like it's way too long. But again, it's just like unique, and I'm really happy to someone like Jim Hoskins allowed to make movies in the way that he does. So, you know, it's it's very hard. It's very dependent on the kind of person you are whether or not you like this. I had fun with it. And I think. Invest with this because I feel like this other carrot says they will fit into so. Yeah. There's a couple of pop-up in in this film. Joyful way. Let's hope that there's more films in this sort of really strange confusing wolves that he's built four stars in for an evening. Beverly Loughlin frequently in dispatches also at this week. We have the hate you give. Yeah. This is the station of the young adult novel starring Amanda stem Stemberg based on the novel on the is it's really ready to get actually this is this is basically about star Carter a young girl living in a deprived. Mostly African American neighborhood who witnesses one of her childhood friends being killed by a policeman being shot by policemen. And she then is put in an incredibly difficult position. Should she testify or not she she suspects that nothing will be done? If she does testify she fairs that it won't matter. But it will nevertheless bring down the world upon her head, you know, from sort of racist people who wants to defend the corporal circumstances to the drug gangs in a row neighborhood. Who don't approve anyone speaking's the police in any circumstances lead in this case by Anthony Mackie's king? So it's it's kind of a drama really about her choice. I won't does. She do. How does she react put in this impossible situation? She's fantastic. Thankfully, Regina whole as her mum. And Russell Hornsby's. Her dad are Berlin. It's really strong family unit, and you get reinvested in these people's well-being. It's quite a long film. I think north of to ours. If I remember correctly, a kind of earns the time, she spends on character rather than just on sort of incident or playing things up, and yeah, I I really like to to good stuff. Sounds. Great sounds really cool. The hate you. Give is already came out Monday enforced ours for that..

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