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Long Sunday service makes sort of reworking Kanye Sunday service gospel choir and at the top of the set new thunder cat black Qualls is name of the single featuring Steve Lacy and Steve Arrington I've heard the album version will also feature childish Gambino and that I'm coming out March seventh he's here to view also presents thunder cat at the Wiltern on March seventh coming up the next set new remix of Rafael city by the brothers Mackovic one half which is eight track a bit later on we'll hear classic from Josh wink reworked by Donna twins stay tuned KCRW this and KCRW sponsors include ready presenting off menu week Los Angeles for one week only beginning February twenty fourth with new dishes and culinary experiments from over twenty five restaurants reservations are now open more info at rescue dot com support comes from the natural history museum presenting night of ideas on January thirty first experience of evening marathon of discussions performances screenings and music highlights include performances by Gavin turret and they just kept the show quartet DJ babey one French of on the turntables panel discussions and many talks by US I can and French be thought leaders space is limited reserve tickets at NHM dot org Hey there it's David green people have lots of stories about their cars that long summer road trip the first hand me down on the the next first flight car you bought on your own but cars can generate other kinds of stories like the stories you hear on this very station you can donate your old car here's how to do it turn your old friend integrate radio with Casey R. W. we'll take care of everything from pick up to paperwork do it today I KCRW dot com slash cars sure all this all love you more so yeah and they all why I actor playing anything like John Hey beyond the you well the the some come KCRW my name is Travis Holcomb is music from red field track called pictures head of this is Rafael city with so ready getting remix by the brothers mac live it's the brothers macalister Dave one of Chromeo and his actual real life rather eight tracks Rafael city kids playing live on leap day February twenty ninth over the will turn but before that was a track on his own remixing most deaths me says he's calling a truce he says are the bootleg series you had up on his soundcloud at the top of the set was Levine big trouble little land this is member supported KCRW Santa Monica Los Angeles Katie are W. Santa Barbara Casey R. I. Indio palm springs Casey are you Oxnard Ventura and Casey are why my hobby a community service of Santa.

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