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Sports podcast talked about Thursday night football game one. We've talked Jimmy Butler going nuts in practice. What else we talk about right now? My friend, yes. So the United States women's national team, the better of the two national soccer team. So we have harsh foot. True. Yeah, it's been that way for long time. Well, the women are participating in the Gold Cup right now. They actually played yesterday against Trinidad and Tobago. They won seven, nothing they will now play on Sunday, and that will be for the semifinals. This competitions kind of been a little bit of a. I don't know. It's not very interesting in my opinion because there's really only two teams the US women in the Canadian women. Other than that, the other teams, they don't stand really a chance at all. However, the US will play on Sunday. They will play the winner between Costa Rica and Jamaica. Whoever advances second place in group b, we'll have the unfortunate result of having to play the United States women team on this Sunday, however, seven, nothing US wins the game in a game that was mostly played in the Trinidad and Tobago defensive. Third, they also hit the post five times. So this game could actually been a worse when you look at the grand scheme of things in terms of the scoreline. So the US women they advance, they will be playing Sunday. Another interesting thing that caught my eye. That I like to talk about is the Lakers and the Celtics, they're being bedded on the most says, MGM sportsbook director, Jeff stone back into that Jeff stone back, yes, I your last name stone might want to change it just still back also lost. Yes. So what do you think made of stone? Okay. The Lakers are twelve to one. We're in nineteen eighties again, the Lakers twelve to one. The Celtics are five to one, but those two teams have had the most action..

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