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You know that can rotary and You know we we did even though it was a short time we became close friends. So grateful for that. Well, I I. Still Remember where I was when I heard that you were resigning. You know I know some people are like they remember where they were when JFK was killed or something I remember where I was here and you were resigning. Only I. Understand respect the decision that you made and I am so thrilled that you wrote this book like I said, it's just really really incredible and so thank you for being with with us today and thank you for using the voice that you have i. saw you tweeted the other day. That's your. Friends in Congress say you speak so much more now? That you're out. I'm glad you're using that for good. A little less restricted. Thank you. Thank you I appreciate it. You gotta take the perks where they come one of them is sleeping in. Her is. Is being able to say whatever you want. While Katie thank you so much. Thank you. We will put links to to the book the pack up on our website. So I hope everyone will check that out and everyone who chose to listen to this instead of watching the RNC convention. Very good choice. Absolutely. They so much for having me. Thank you for listening to two bras talking politics part of the dim cast podcast network. Our theme song is called. Are you listening off of the album elephant shaped trees by the.

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