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A overcast and grey and miserable Tuesday here on seven hundred WLW we got this going until we're gonna talk a lot of baseball this morning as I think after a what what happened this weekend that honestly we need a whole first sent a lot more positive what you think so and is the tragedy this weekend as I called yesterday black Monday today's read Tuesday today is red Tuesday will be focusing on of course the the signing of yet another big name for the Reds and needless to say it as murderers row down a great American ball park is a press conference today schedule for eleven o'clock to introduce Nicholas Caskey on us from the cubs in this is a a a a much much greater line up to the red hat last year obviously Tommy thrall be a little bit later on also talk about the likelihood that the shortstop Francisco indoor comes to Cincinnati from Cleveland but before we get to that we have this story what changes are in store for Major League Baseball the season and that one of the things you hear a lot about is the the netting issue and of course great American ball park extending the netting is other parks have to as well because so many people are getting injured and hurt sitting there watching the spectator sport of baseball during any Q. hearing centers dot com hotline is a lady who is pushing and Major League Baseball to extend the netting all the way down the fall line for name is Tina Simpson and a dina is in Cleveland and she was a a baseball game and what was seriously seriously injured because of a fall ball welcome to the show here in Cincinnati how are you good how are you I'm doing fine your ad a Lake County captains game a couple years ago actually been in that ballpark well my dad was around we want their color color ball game up there it's it's a it's a nice little made a minor league baseball stadium so tell me about your situation what happened to you and then from there we'll talk about what changes once in MLB so when I was there with my family in may of two thousand seventeen and we were sitting in sitting and beyond the dugouts and the third base side in and the top of the ninth inning a line drive came at me and hit me directly on my right eye and it was horrible there was blood everywhere it was gruesome I had to be rushed to the hospital in didn't come home for three days do you probably had no idea what happened getting struck were you seated relative to where where can you give us a description the first base line the third base line where yeah it was on the third baseline sections passed the dugout rate where the little elbow is okay where does he could turn a little bit back more towards the field and I got so we were we were pretty far out now some people say since they go well and I'm sure you've heard this argument to that that you know this is why when the ball's in play you're supposed to pay attention yeah we were you talking to someone or eating nachos were you looking at your iPhone were you talking to turn the person behind worried it in I mean I'm sure you've heard that argument before right how would you dismiss the I was paying attention and I was paying attention the whole game my kids were listening so that was a worry and they get lost in the sky the balls they get lost in the light the sale last summer so fast that a lot of times you don't even know where they landed my husband side hit our way and send heads up he didn't even get to finish those two words before that are being and so to the people that stayed pay attention he knows it's not a valid argument you can pay attention all you want you have virtually no time to react well see this in your defense the that we're told to pay attention we drive all the time if you have us do right because there's so many distractions out there now you're sitting at a baseball game today in twenty twenty eighteen twenty to twenty twenty signed nineteen twenty it's twenty twenty you're sitting there in in ballparks especially if you've been to I'm sure you've been to Indians games before too as well we're in Cleveland but here in Cincinnati the Reds they do a wonderful job during the game of diverting your attention away from things are so many things to see and do and smell and look at they encourage you to be on your phone because they have the the what the in park wifi and all these things because we live in a society it wasn't the fault of Major League Baseball is the fault of data sim center Scott Sloan it is the way society's change that everything is competing for attention all the time and we live in an eighty H. D. world there's no doubt about it and so they actually courage you to look away from the action based on what they're doing in the ballpark and so what winds up Pat it's awfully difficult to play even when the ball's in play because of the length of the game and all the things around you and so that may have been true thirty or forty years ago but it's not true today things have changed in in in regard to that I I think netting is a good idea how are you working though with MLB to try to get this change and they are not working with me directly and I contacted representatives Patterson two and a half years ago shortly after I was injured I I hope with the mayor of the city of the cycle call Perkins and I explained to him what happened and he just after that I'm going to go to the fire into the dark out so my feet to this day still remains and protected so I contacted representatives Patterson because I get a lot of research after this happened to me I should say I'm permanently blind in my I. I'll never get my vision back and I also suffered a concussion a broken nose and many many months as I doctor appointments not knowing if my eyesight to be saved or not it was a very traumatic and so I contacted him I had done a lot of research you know I felt like in the beginning when it happened that I'm the only one that's happened to like this is freaky you now I did a lot of research and what I am covered with sickening how many people there actually are that for years and years this has been going on and Major League Baseball and minor league baseball virtually did nothing except put a sign out in the park saying watch out for fall ball but they know that we don't stand a chance against and especially today when the ball her flying off the bat it over a hundred miles an hour right well here here great American ball park the Reds put netting up voluntarily that's goes from the far ends of both dugouts it but I I'm trying to think how far to say some of the third base line seats that are still pretty exposes where you are and I've set those before here in Cincinnati and I'll tell you what is a grown man who played sports I was I was pretty nervous because those balls are coming at you the hook in their curve in and you know in the blink of an eye that thing is past you so it's pretty sobering to set their you know I can bring a glove with me and a lot of people do set no seats for that very reason we've got a ball bore ball girl there but general that's just to deal with the ball to the field of play so it doesn't run out to the outfield so a is for those of us sitting in the stands it's a different story entirely and I wonder how much pressure though a state lawmaker can put on the NC a Major League Baseball is almost something needs to be addressed today at a congressional level yeah I agree it it's something that needs to be investigated and my eyes as to how they allow this to go on for so long and just last week ESPN released a statement saying that the uncovered court documents just at Wrigley Field alone in in five years it was over a hundred people per season so if you take that times the thirty major league ballparks that's nearly three thousand people a year getting hurt across the country and that doesn't even include minor league and for me knowing what I've suffered Devon acceptable something needs to be done somebody needs to step in I'm a little girl that got hit in a in a Major League Baseball game and and right where the netting ended two we had a unfortunately the the real tragedy is that lady at Dodger Stadium that got hit and dying as a result of her injuries from a baseball right and so now we've got to voluntarily like the Reds the Indians putting the netting up but in some cases it probably doesn't extend far enough I could see Major League Baseball well I I don't know if see their argument about putting the netting up but I guess the question is how far do you extend the netting up but what what is a safe distance you know behind the dugouts because we seem phone dia bats flying across the dug out and hitting people in the first few rows the dog out it's pretty scary so they have the netting there but those third base line seats to me man I especially the way the newer parts are designed so that you're literally looking right down the base line at the batter if that's over the head of the batter into the crowd it's at the those of some dangerous seats to sit in I could see netting going up there too as well how far do you want to see how far far should tell how often should go all the way down the fall line to to go up to you know up twenty feet how far what what would satisfy well hi bill proposes that it should go from foul pole to foul pole in an all major and minor league ballparks and it should go the height where everybody in that what we're seeking goal is protected because at the end of the day nobody should leave a ball park with a permanent disability and the safety and security of the human being is the most important yeah I I was I see the the netting now that they have and sometimes like the old netting that you have almost like a I don't know like like like old school a tennis Natter something's real thank you now even if you look down the sideline a kind of if you look down it it really distorts the view of what you're trying to say but there's no materials out there though that are that are phenomenal it really you don't have that problem I just I don't understand the argument against it I don't even know if there is an argument is there it is is anyone told you this is a bad idea I'm now not in real life on the internet they do of course as I can find any here on the internet I've never come across anybody you know a lot of people don't go to baseball games all the.

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