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Government to bypass public contract regulations as well as strict historic preservation laws. Macro wants to finish the Notre Dame cathedral restoration within five years in time for the twenty twenty four Olympic Games in Paris Philippe plan new an expert of historic architecture worries. The government won't use proper monuments specialists for until. Who's fish? Specialists who know what they're doing. He says we're afraid they will go to quickly. Then you have to redo it in ten years. A recent poll by Doxa showed seventy two percent of French people are also opposed to fast-tracking reconstruction for NPR news. I'm Jake sagana row in Paris a pilot for me and mar national airlines being praised today. The pilot safely landed a passenger plane using only it's real wheels after the front landing gear failed to deploy local media say there were no injuries among the planes. Eighty two passengers and seven crew members. Video the landing shows the plane touching down its nose kicking up smoke on trial Snyder NPR news support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the William T grant foundation working to harness the power of research to make a difference in the lives of children teens and young adults from more than eighty years. Learn more at W T grant, FD N dot org. A few years ago. I was invited to do an event in Detroit a city influx in an age of flux on the theme of raising children the conversation that resulted with the Jewish Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist, Sylvia. Burstein has accompanied me from that day forward..

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