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To announce a bid for the twenty twenty presidency soon. Now, the latest traffic and weather together at an accident right now Harrison avenue at Westwood northern still that accident seventy five northbound at hop street. Kipling avenue at Coleraine another wreck, and there's an accident Pippen road at Compton. Now the latest forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center, we moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation. Learn more at no fear death is dot com. Rounds of showers, and isolated thunderstorms will continue here across the tri-state today. We'll even have some heavier rain coming in for this evening and overnight tonight. We could even see a brief wintry mix the low drops to twenty nine and tomorrow, mostly sunny conditions are back. But the warmth is not highly ends up at forty from your severe weather station. I'm nine warning meteorologist Jennifer catch. Mark NewsRadio seven hundred w w scattered showers across. The tri-state fifty six degrees right now in Cincinnati the reds game against Pittsburgh today postponed because of the rain del play it as part of a split double header on may twenty seventh a car in an SUV crashing on Dixie highway and Manchester road in Middletown this morning, killing seventy eight year old Roger Lohman, the Ohio State patrol says Lohman was hit by another vehicle that ran a red light. The body of a fifty year old man was found shot several times on Chamberlain avenue in Lincoln heights overnight. The victim fifty year old Kirk Alison found in the street. No arrests yet. Our next update is coming up at three thirty. I'm Matt Reese, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl double via part of a winning construction. Guilty. The exact construction is now hiring is hosting a job fair where you can learn more about the positions. They have available right now for laborers five layers heavy equipment operators foreman project managers and estimators offering competitive compensation and excellent benefits you can learn more March thirtieth.

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