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Bring in general kalari jennifer. We're going to talk to america. The country like it's a person. I think that one of the things that seems to be happening is we're trying to stop the president from doing what he's doing as opposed to build the country the way that we want the country to be the other thing that we're doing is we have a divided country. We have a lot of reactivity on both son. No matter what side. You're on no matter what you think. And we're reacting to the other people as if they're wrong and as if they're not people so i was listening to the ten percent happier today. Which is a great podcast. Dan harris and also great app. If you haven't heard about it it's terrific and there was a teacher on their who's talking about compassion is not about what's going on with other people. It's actually what's going on with you. It starts with you and when you feel yourself contracting that's when you have to go in and actually look at your own reaction as opposed to trying to change the other people. Can you speak to that. And how do you respond to something like that. You know the statement. Follow the money. It's follow the paint. Wherever you are feeling pain. That's an indicator negative emotions are indicators and their indicators that you're off from the best version of yourself so wherever there's pain risen emotional pain wherever there are triggers that really has to do with with us it has to do with our pass wounds and our issues and where we don't feel listened to or heard so that's a really important piece of knowledge and awareness for sure. You know the the reactivity is the thing that you point back to so for example. If you're watching something on the news which you would be upset today with what's going on in the country with all the stress in the world you'll immediately think i can't believe these people are saying this. You know we need to do something different while look at your own feeling. That's what that's what you're saying you're saying go back to yourself and ask yourself what's going on with me that i'm reacting this way and and then what can i do to either calm myself or make a different choice about how relating to my feelings other than just blaming other people exactly and i'd like to change it from what should i do to. Who should i be right. Just thinking about that. Per second if if literally if we all tried to be the best version of ourselves during this and really recognize. This is a huge thing going on in this country but it's also being mimicked all over the world. It's just a little louder here. These are all things that we need to be thinking about..

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