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News 1000 FM 97 7 the news you need now Coming up after ABC News at the top of the hour these northwest stories How much should a jug be able to consider a convict's mental health I'm Jeff pojo with the proposal before lawmakers I'm corwin hake it makes sense for better health spend more on primary care but what exactly is primary care We'll have those stories and more plus traffic and weather in just four minutes From ABC News on chuck sievertson Treacher violence at a school board meeting over a mask mandates in Virginia is led to a mom being arrested Charge of making threats 42 year old Amelia king ABC's Marcus Moore In Virginia the new governor reversing school mask mandates starting Monday But after some districts pushed back one mother at this school board meeting threatening to bring guns to her children's school if it tried to enforce the mandate No mask mandates My child my children will not come to school on Monday with a mask on all right That's not happening And I will bring every single gun loaded and ready I'll see you all on Monday Police say the mother later apologized The incident under investigation A Trump appointed federal judge in Texas blocks the president's mandate for federal employees to get COVID shots even as The White House says 98% of them have already done so The Justice Department says it will appeal Encouraging new data on the effectiveness of booster shots during the omikron driven surge in coronavirus cases the head of the CDC doctor Rochelle Walensky following a third shot vaccine effectiveness increased up to 94% even higher than it was in the first 6 months after vaccination The Pentagon repeating warnings that Russia faces severe economic sanctions if it invades Ukraine Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said Russia needs to clarify its latest claims I'm not going to speak to what the Russians are claiming are exercises What we're saying is they have a significant force posture there and that hasn't decreased In fact it has continued to increase and we remain concerned about that The house panel investigating the January 6th attack of the capitol now has thousands of Trump White House papers turned over A third and fourth New York City police officer has been shot within a week The NYPD says one shot today is dead They responded to a domestic complaint You're listening to ABC News Stay connected stay informed 20 minutes of nonstop news continues on komo news 1000 FM 97 7 Good evening 6 O two here in the Friday night downtown Seattle temperature and are generally cloudy skies now 45° I'm Alisa jaffe with Britt brand's ice and here the top northwest stories a 39 year old Tacoma man under arrest this evening more than a month after a carjacking turned deadly in Federal Way 20 year old reuven stoke of was shot the night of December 8th at the crossing shopping center police say they were able to identify their suspect who now faces a first degree murder charge with some help from a number of surveillance cameras owned by the city and nearby businesses The state of Washington went live today with a site that's going to allow you to order free at home COVID-19 test kits and general bertini has more Just 650,000 of the three and a half million test kits are available on day one of this launch Washington residents will be able to order rapid at home antigen COVID tests but the state is shipping anyway says lacy farren Bach deputy secretary of prevention and health But our focus is getting tests off of shelves and out into homes The man is going to be high and tech glitches are expected Health secretary doctor umay Shaw Not everyone is going to be able to get on not everyone's going to be able to order the site may even go down at times Each order comes with as many as 5 tests and the limits one order per address Shipping has been the challenge We are anticipating more tests to come in early next week Doctor Shaw is also playing the guilt card If you don't need the tests don't order the tests be kind not greedy he says John libertini como news State lawmakers want to make it easier for judges to consider the mental health of those sentenced more from Jeff pojo At the moment a convict's mental health at the time of the crime can only be considered under very limited circumstances House Bill 1637 would change that If it becomes law judges would always be allowed to consider the person's mental health when pronouncing a sentence Bill sponsored Democrat Tara Simmons says it simply gives judges more options The judge would retain discretion to sentence within the standard range or use a mitigating circumstance But others weren't so pleased with the idea as a representative from the King County sexual assault resource center warned that convicts could use the law to manipulate the system into getting a lesser sentence Jeff Pedro come on us still ahead First of its kind in the state a home for healing for the youngest victims of sex trafficking I'm carlene Johnson It's 6 O four Here's Marina with our traffic.

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