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Team for meteorologist Lauren Records. Right now we have 44 degrees in Ashburn. We have Damascus at 44 degrees and 45 degrees in northwest D. C. A. 2 50, a new cultural beacon is coming to Columbia next to the Merryweather Post Pavilion. Howard County Council approving $137 million for a new art center by 2024. 44. Years ago, Jim House asked me to come to Colombia, and this has been Jim's dream. Will there be a wonderful cultural center in Colombia? Toby Orenstein says The facility will include a brand new Toby's dinner theater, a black box, Children's theater classrooms, a parking garage and affordable housing as soon as that's built that Toby's portion will be able to move over to the new facility. And they will not jam. The old Toby's associate producer Mark Minnick, is thrilled when this pandemic is over. How exciting to have this new, wonderful location where we can come together and create and educate the youth of today? Jason Fraley, deputy of the news It's the first time it's been done since opening 45 years ago. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is keeping its gates open during the wintertime. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports the theme park is still looking at ways to rethink its operations by hosting smaller, limited capacity events. Park says it will operate on certain weekends in January, February March. For three new limited capacity outdoor events, including Mardi Gras and ST Patrick's Day. Ocean City, Maryland will continue its temporary outdoor seating permit program for restaurants through the end of the year program meant to help restaurants offer more seating despite Maryland's occupancy limits and social distancing rules expired on December 31st. But the mayor and City Council has unanimously approved a plan to extend it. Ocean City Mayor Rick Me and says he supports the program. For the sake of the businesses, the residents and visitors. I think our businesses will create it. Think they followed all the guidelines and they lead by example. He calls it a testament to the business community that they were able to adapt to the change to outdoor dining. Sandy coz l w t O P News. Speaking of adapting to dining Outdoors, D C restaurant hopes igloos will bring diners and have smoke in D. C. Shaw neighborhood. They've set up what they called igloos in the parking lot across the street. It's a clear plastic igloo that is 12 ft. Wide, and you can see up to 60 prepare a glue. Andre McCain's the CEO of Half smoke, which felt like customers would prefer individual semi heated tents, toe one giant outdoor covering shared by strangers. It was a combination of how do we keep people safe? But also how do we create And experience. He's also stocked the igloos with board games, even Bluetooth speakers to let you play your own music. Most of the experiences contact list you do have to reserve one online ahead of time, though John Doman w T O P News coming up in money news. What's a covert vaccines could mean for bottom lines of companies that helps you work out from home during the pandemic. It is for 2 53. Here's Dr Marie Harper, the dean of a Dr Wallace E. Boston School of Business, had American Military University on leading forward the link between higher education and our future government work for sponsored by American Military University, this new norm as an opportunity to assist businesses with what they need to do in order to meet the challenges and hopefully, opportunities of this new norm, and we looked at our program kept some of the basics but added some what we consider new skills. That would assist these businesses. And our approach is to have the degree programs which are the traditional way of doing education, but also offering the short term certificates that may help them with skills that are necessary for businesses to rebuild. During this interim economy, Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network Search. Am you from the battlefield to boardroom American Military University educates. Those who.

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