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But overall, I just don't love him guys aren't playing the game as a form of sort of improving what they should be. You don't know what's going to happen when he goes to the next team if he's even still going to be happy because because of the contracts he gets I don't love it. When guys decide not to play. And then when they come back. You don't really know what you'll Plachy? Would inbound on this panel take a Twenty-seven-year-old running back who's the best in the league who just had a year off? Everybody would at people. He's smart to set this point. He's all in wealth with the money lost so much money. Anyway, sit out his value much higher. If he comes back next year, healthy rested twenty-seven running back it all works. Very guy. Sola? Bill. You got to football teams in L A start paying attention to the sport there in first place. New York you got zero. Well, God flat buys ING him to sit out. And he's already lost ten million dollars at a position where the window is so spoiled at any moment, you can get hurt. This makes no sense to me. Who's to say you sign him? He might not hold out. Again. You cannot tell me that LeBron bills helping value by now, I want more I sold over splashy. I Bob Ryan. Now, I'm not gonna mess. What I saw tell you. Look the answer. The question is probably higher because the I subscribe to that theory that sitting out a year is a good thing at his age. He saves so weird carry year. We're in Tehran, a body at Gary's position, I think that and by the way, he doesn't have to improve. Oh, yes. To keep the rate of regression down. If he's telling me ten percent less than what he was last year. Hey, still a top five back in Chinese by what Bill she said. And of course, Plachy solo. I mean, this might get very physical. But the idea here Bill are you saying that we could see other players take off an entire year? And it would be a good thing for them and their. Career and could dry not the players. The players have no power at all. Once they can be cut. They can be used. They can be abused this way. He takes time off gets his legs healthy what's the one knock against running backs? Is that they're great. And they don't have they have a short you'd like to add to that. He's losing ten million dollars by not playing. He's already lost. It. Frank because he listened to you, and he didn't show up and they're in first place. Let's not forget that they're not as James condos right at the top of the writings that's not forget that when the team is in first place right now as well. But that job that good job Clinton for with you. Fred year. I said that typically that doesn't really affect though, whether this is going to be a success for lady on bell from Libya on bells perspective, maybe from the Steelers perspective. But from Bell's perspective, not so much. We've been horrible move on. Now gets one fifteen Celtics one zero seven let's talk.

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