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You know the name game, which is get give everything you got in the moment that you have, and that's the game. It is about to come over. So we focused on right now. In the last two games, it seems like there's been a little bit of Ah, philosophy shift from Vic Fangio. Ah, guy that's not necessarily used or known to be a guy that likes to blitz a lot. In fact, I think, even for the first part of the game, you guys were one of the the bottom three teams in the league that liked to bliss. And now your top five certainly paid off for you guys in both because you did win and you've got two sacks out of it. That philosophy change on the defense. How Much that has that improved things for you guys. I was like, you know, it's manifested, Eddie, you know, craze more one on one opportunities, and I feel like you know, the more one on one opportunities you get the more chance you get to the windows, you know, get after the quarterback for like, you know, being good for us as a team. It's a defense thing. You know how bad that they're, you know? Taking Jake and win those one ofthe past the one I want past rushes in and get out the quarterback. You need that, you know for have Ah, good, decent into you know, give pressure is The more you get pressed on a quarterback more, You know, mistakes can happen in them or, you know, turnovers you can't create, so I think it's been good for us, you know, looking forward to going forward, looking forward to that higher blitz rate. Vic Fangio, obviously not not really known for that. But the ending and the game on the double safety blitz like that. Do you think that that causes opponents to have to think about things a little bit differently, given that the book on Vic Fangio's kind of bin out there that he doesn't do that at the end of games Now you guys have got those blitzes at the other games. Is that change the way Maybe. Ah opponents think about attacking you late in the game. I think it does, I think more and more than Ah, a team has to think about the things that you can do. It just raised more indecision. You know, in a in a quarterback and you know who have common place with him, and I think it's a good thing. There are more things you could do anything, the better, the better off you'll be. So the more capacity you know your defense can be like this. More successful you could be so Is his maze like it has been been success so far, and I'm looking looking forward to see how far we can take it. Glittery joining us here on Broncos country tonight. Bleak, Of course you guys lose von Miller early on before the season, But Bradley Child was still working. His way back is certainly seems as though Bradley Chub is playing at an extremely high level. How much does that ultimately help you on the opposite side? You know that? You know you're the fourth. Maybe their way, you know is Ricky and you know, working his way back into it now, you know. Hey, looking like, you know, Brandi, that we That's a player that you then have you know that cross you It kind of like, you know, last year, you know, like, move are, you know being across from you that anything you know, church services, tremendous player and submit his past was his will. So you know they had the key on him. They have to, you know, send attention. His wife only just crazy. You know, I can't say more one on one opportunities for myself and for you know, the piece has tackled in the guise of linebackers. So he o, d. C o in each and every area. Did you ask von Miller? What It was like to take down Cam Newton. And did he give you any kind of advice on that? Ah, I don't know. Any time in a house of Ah, About Can you like Maybe he's a library. Maybe, you know you gotta you gotta bring it a lady and always like baby Wish we go down like anybody else A laugh it off the amputated, But he said he would be a guy you know, at the at the plant and I could see what he talked about. You know, guys talking about it like he's a big do so you didn't have to come with me every time I bring it down. You know you should do is you should print up like a fake certificate for yourself. It says, like most recent to sack Cam Newton and just put it up there and Bonds locker, put your name on it. There's always go with the exact figure that'd be a good would go back. What I want to ask you about is you've had a lot of additions to the team this year. Guys that necessarily work with you in training camp got rookies out their plan is a testament to the team's ability to just pick themselves up that you're able to do that. You know, guys like chick alot in there. You got the rookie? Oh, Jim Moody out there yet Bassi out there for a little while, you know. Rotated through the defensive line, just a lot of different guys and a lot of next man up. What does that say about this team's resiliency? I feel like we have. Ah, A lot of a lot of I carried the guys you know, around the building..

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