Cleveland Cavaliers, Ali Frazier, Kevin Duran discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd - Best of The Herd: 06/09/2017


Four the way golden state got in a scrap with the blind james last year and then went on the second best player they got in a fight and it was a great fist fight with the cleveland cavaliers in the brian james they started talking smack last year dri mongering got out of control and the next thing you know lebrun curbs stopped him and in bear some came back from three one great fight and so i would have liked to see this trilogy this is why ali frazier this trilogy come back with the same pieces and let's have a rubber match but instead they went on gone cavantou ran and again i'm knocking kevin durant at this point but again is like they went on steroids with kevin duran and now they're fighting lebron james with their big brother now in the fi who was it involved in the first fight and they're beaten him up and so i i get were is coming from to a degree but overall lebrun and this victimization is related to the way he handled the vandalism at his los angeles home that makes me bit irks me look lebrun as a victim doesn't play for me at all he's the most plentiful talent i think i've ever seen in sports he was blessed with some godgiven talents and he's been blessed with a tremendous amount of power in order to do things in the nba the way he wants and done.

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